Sunday, September 24, 2006

Another Wedding!

Saturday we went to another wedding! This was the third one this year. Actually we had two weddings to go to on Saturday but chose the closer one and the one I had known about the longest and committed to first. It was a long day but very fun! Wish the weather could have been better. Here's the bride & groom during their first dance and at the reception. The other is a picture of my friends that have been so fortunate to already graduate. Boy are they lucky!!

My friend Julie watched the kids while Dean & I attended the wedding. She claims they were really good and the kids had a great time. They can't wait for next time. They enjoyed playing with Alonna and Sammy. Oh, and checking out the ducks that Nick and his friends killed. Yuck!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rainy & Cold - Yuck!

Gosh! I just hate this weather! I don't know why I still live here! My body was meant to live in a nice warm, tropical location! I wanted so bad to put the kids in their winter jackets this morning but Dean was convinced that would be so stupid because it's only September. I'm sure he'll be upset when he gets home and finds out I turned the heat on! So instead, the kids are all layered up! Plus, this is awful weather for picture day. I can just imagine what their hair, especially Hayley, will look like after playing in the rain. I'm thinking we'll be doing retakes.

Saturday my friend, Julie, had a purse party! I just LOVE purse parties!!! Before I went, I limited myself to buying only two. However, I ended up only buying one. Tanner says it looks like a cow because it's black and white like a cow. Oh well, it's still really cute with a lime green interior. I would have bought more but they were all boring according to my tastes because they were fall purses! Who wants a brown or black purse?!?! That's so BORING!!! And they were so big! Sorry to those of you out there that like those! I'm a little purse kinda girl and like to see how much I can shove into so little! I'm all about color and funky designs. The best time to go to a purse party is spring and summer. They are so cool then! Hopefully Julie will be having another one then?! Or maybe I will?! Of course, Dean thinks I have enough but it's so fun to be able to change them so often. And of course, I got to see little Alonna again. She's such a sweetie!

The kids started bowling on Saturday. They had lots of fun! They didn't bowl so good but I'm sure they'll improve the more they bowl. Fun is all that matters, right?!

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Little Alonna

Friday afternoon I got to babysit my little Alonna! It was so much fun! Her mommy, Julie, said she was supposed to take a nap but she had different plans. She stayed awake to play with her favorite "Auntie". When Julie got here she thought she'd chat with me a little but Alonna had finally had enough and decided it was time to go home to get some sleep. She fell asleep in the carseat while Julie and I were talking in the driveway!! I can't wait until next time. I had lots of fun, but trust me, I don't want to have another (Julie)!!

Friday night we went to the football game. We lost! It was very cold. I swear I was an ice cube by the time I got home. Next time, if there is a next time, I will definitely dress warmer and bring my own darn hot chocolate. The concession stand wasn't serving any!

Saturday I registered the kids for a Youth Bowling League. It's a 20 week session so the kids will bowl almost every Saturday starting this week until April 1st. They're excited and can't wait to start! Tanner even got some strikes practicing on Saturday!

Then it was homework and laundry the rest of the weekend!! YUCK!!! The story of my life!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Time To Update

My sister is giving me a hard time because I haven’t updated our blog in quite awhile. So here it goes. I’ll give you a run down of what’s happened since we’ve been back from vacation.

Hayley & I had a Girl Scouts fun night for our troop. We had pizza at Pizza Ranch, made bracelets, and decorated flip flops with fuzzy yarn. The bracelets and flip flops turned out really cute. I want to make flip flops for me!

The kids and I started school last week. We were all dreading it, me the most. We really enjoy our summers off. I have 8:00 class three days a week. That is really starting to take a toll on me. Thank goodness the class is only 5 weeks long!! I can’t wait to graduate in May. Until then, it’s homework, homework, homework! YUCK!!! I think the kids are finally enjoying school, at least liking that they get to see their friends everyday.

Last Friday I went to a bachelorette party for a friend of mine that graduated last May. She’s getting married later this month. I had a good time at the party but didn’t stay long as it was raining buckets, I was tired, and I was with a friend that had a much longer drive home than I did. We played many fun games. We had to carve a body part out of cucumbers and squash. Use your imagination to figure out what most of us did!

Sunday and Monday we spent in H2O with Dean’s family. I got to spend time with a very special little girl, our niece, Rylea. She’s 2 ½ and a little ham. Although, she’s really starting to find her personality and becoming demanding. But what 2 year old isn’t?? I took about 20 pictures of her and her and I. She had that same big “cheesy” smile in each picture. She sure does love to have her picture taken!

What a ham!!