Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Need a New Vacuum?

I sure do! Mine died last week!! And I should probably buy (or win) one REALLY soon so I can vaccuum! Would you like to win a fabulous Dyson vacuum? If so, click on the link below to enter the contest Five Minutes For Mom is having.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

April & May Events

April & May (yes, Aisha, April & May) were busy months! Besides the Dance Recital and dancing at most of the nursing homes during Nursing Home Week, there were many more events keeping us busy!
Tanner played in several tennis matches. He played singles & doubles......and won all of his games!! I think we have a tennis pro on our hands!

Hayley's school had its Talent Show. A couple weeks prior to the Show, the kids have to try out in front of judges. If their acts are approved, they get to compete in the Talent Show! Hayley danced with a small group of girls this year, as she did last year! I am beginning to wonder if maybe Hayley isn't meant to be in Talent Shows. Last year after the girls were on stage, the sound person couldn't get their music to work so she finally asked them to leave the stage. By the end of the Show, they fixed the problem & the girls were allowed to come back on stage & perform. This year brought a similar problem. The girls were on stage & when the music started, the girls started dancing. However, I knew that it wasn't the correct song because Hayley had told me what song they were dancing to. But the girls, all being dancers, know that the show must go on. So the girls just started dancing even though the music was wrong. I think that's awesome!! A little ways into the dance, the sound person realized it was the wrong song & stopped the music. The girls were able to start their dance over with the correct music.

Hayley had her 6th grade band concert. For this event, they combine all the 6th grades in town (there are five) & perform. You can imagine this is a big event considering that between the schools there are two band instructors & the schools only practice together four times before the concert! (Hayley made first chair!) They also do the same for the 5th grade. The 5th & 6th grades play separately but then end the concert playing one song together. They struggled with this & had to stop the song part way through & start over but they did finally get through it all at the same time!

Hayley & Dean also found time to partake in a Dad & Me Girl Scout event out at the lake. The weather didn't fully cooperate but at least it wasn't raining! They participated in a variety of races: wheelbarrow race, three legged race, hard-boiled egg on a spoon race, balloon on a string tied to an ankle race. They also went on a treasure hunt and made bird feeders out of pine cones. And for lunch, they cooked hot dogs over the fire. (Dean isn't a shutter bug like me, and I suppose it's kinda hard to take a lot of pictures when you're involved in the two-person races, so this is all I have to mark the event!)

Hayley also participated in the band contest. She had to play a solo in front of a judge with her instructor accompanying her on the piano. She scored a I+ (the best score).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hayley's a Cadette!

The Girl Scouts Bridging/Awards Ceremony was held on a VERY windy (but sunny) day in early May at the Redlin Art Center. It was very fitting for the girls bridging from one level to the next to cross a bridge to mark the occasion. Hayley is no longer a Junior Girl Scout. She is now a Cadette Girl Scout! Her vest is now tan instead of that ugly green! This also marked her fifth year in Girl Scouts and she was awarded with a special pin. Hayley's troop was in charge of the flag ceremony and holding onto those flags in that wind was no easy task! Each girl that bridged also received a pine tree seedling. I'm not real fond of pine trees but have decided to make a conscious effort to keep it alive. Since we will be moving (hopefully) soon, we decided to plant it in a big flower pot so we can take it with us. So far it's still alive!

Hayley's troop here was not as aggressive as her troop in M in earning badges & patches. Being Hayley transferred during her Junior level, she has a lot more badges & patches than others. I even heard other mothers commenting on it! The bad part about it is sewing them on! I HATE sewing!! I recently found some iron-on backing & did try those on the last few so we'll see if they last......or if I'll have to sew those on too! Last time I managed to get approximately 14 needle pokes & sewed the vest to my ottoman!!

Hayley wants to continue GS when we move to B. It appears that they have pretty active troops there so it should be fun!