Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snow Day On APRIL 25th

And mind I remind you, we had a SNOW DAY only two weeks earlier on APRIL 11th!


I think we got about 10 inches on the 11th - which was bad enough.


I am NOT laughing at these jokes that Mother Nature has been playing on me!!!

For my sanity, I hope Spring is right around the corner.........

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What Color Lip Gloss Should You Wear?

You Should Wear Cherry Red Lip Gloss

Wild, fresh, and totally alluring.

Who knew? ME?! Wild, fresh & totally alluring?!?!?!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dance Competition

A few weeks ago, Hayley had a Dance Competition. She participates in Jazz Dance and Pom Dance. Here are the hair pics!

The Night Before - Frontal View

The Night Before - Back View

The Night Before - Side View

(Please Note: She is smiling at this point.)

The Next Morning: Frontal View

The Next Morning: Back View

The Next Morning: Side View

AKA Grandma Hayley & Little Orphan Annie!

(Please Note: She is NOT happy!)
(FYI: Her hair is well past her shoulders when straight!)

(Note to Self: Next time - Do NOT roll hair all the way to the scalp.)

(Better yet, NEVER try this again!)

I was laughing SO HARD that I was crying. Hayley was NOT impressed! I told her not to worry. I would never let her leave the house with a bad hairdo! Which, if you truly know me, I should have been freaking out!

Being Hayley was in two competitions, she need two hair styles! And to top that off, Hayley's hair does not curl well at all! (Unless you wet her hair, use tiny granny rollers, and sleep in them.) One required low piggy tails and the other required a high, curled pony tail. (A co-worker suggested I use the rollers because she uses them for her daughter so I thought I'd give them a shot. Something she forgot to tell me and something I vaguely thought about when I was DONE rolling her hair - maybe I shouldn't have gone all the way to her scalp?!)

We had to be to the dance competition by 10 am. My plan was to leave the house at 8:45 am even though it was only a 45 minute drive so we had time to get through town and find the location.

At 8:20 I was FINALLY done unrolling her hair and determined there was NO way I could work with this. (I actually tried but it was a lost cause!) There's only one thing to do - WASH IT OUT!!! I grabbed her, bent her over the tub and said, "Hayley, we don't have time to be nice - it's going to hurt!" (FYI - Hayley has a sensitive head.) We washed it, blow-dried it, put it in two low piggy tails, and started curling away. I figured it probably wouldn't look very good once we had to put her in a high pony tail but we had no choice. We were out the door at 9:05 and still made it on time! (It actually looked cuter when we changed it to a high pony but neither of the styles had much curl!) Oh, well!

Does anyone want me to do their hair??!! :)

Here are some pics from her dance competition!

(Hayley is in back row, second from right)

(Hayley is in back row, second from right)

(Hayley is fourth from left)

(Hayley is on the right, standing)

In the jazz dance (baseball), we were the only ones in that category so we took 1st place. In the pom dance, there were two entries and we won 1st place!