Monday, May 12, 2008

So How Did You Spend Mother's Day?

Saturday we decided to head to SF for Mother's Day Eve. We spent the day shopping, of course. However, I was not shopping for myself nor did I buy a single thing for myself. I know, poor me! My hubby said I made up for it the past few months, though! :) Instead we were on a mission for Hayley. She has a rather difficult body shape. It's VERY had to find bottoms to fit her!! Poor girl. Old N*vy jeans are/were the only jeans that would fit her right. But we're in kind of a predicament. She's at that stage where she's basically outgrown kids' sizes but she's just a bit too small for juniors' sizes!! AARRGGHH!!

She outgrew all her jeans that I bought at the beginning of the school year so I recently bought two more pairs but that's all I'm buying because spring/summer is supposed to be here! It's been hectic trying to make sure she has clean jeans to wear every day!

She actually jumped two sizes since September - lately she's been wearing jeans that are two sizes too small!! We can't believe she didn't say anything. At this age, we expect her to tell us if things don't fit and also we never noticed because with the flowy, loose shirts over the jeans you just don't see it!! Poor girl must have felt like a sardine!

(On a side note, since last April, Hayley has grown 2 inches and Tanner has grown 4 inches!!)

Anyways, we were in SF trying to buy her shorts because I am determined that summer will eventually be coming. Store after store after store after store.........disappointment after disappointment after disappointment after disappointment............when all of a sudden, we finally we hit the jackpot! At Yo*nkers we found a skort and pair of shorts that FIT!!! I actually started singing "Hallelujah, Hallelujah" in the dressing room!! Seriously!! :) I was so excited I never even checked the prices of them. Just took them straight to the register and just about died when the total for those TWO items came to over $63!!!!! For an 11 year old. They're shorts for cyring out loud - hardly any material!!! (Yes, I still bought them.) Hayley later says, wow, they were overpriced!

Our last stop was JC P*nney and we found two more pairs of shorts there - B*ngo brand!! And they even came with free flip flops! WOOHOO!!!

Brands we've tried that just do not fit her right are: T*rget's Circo, JC P*nney's Arizona.

Brands we've loved over the years: Old N*vy, Ch*ldren's Place, and some L*vis.

OK - enough about that!

We had lunch at R*by Tu*sdays. Yum-o!! And supper at J*ohnny C*rinos! YUM-O!!!

Sunday, Mother's Day, I didn't do anything fun or relaxing really. Dean & the kids cooked me breakfast. Had to go through rummage sale stuff as my sale is Friday, had laundry to do, went to my mother-in-laws for a bit, and then Dean & the kids took me out for a hot fudge sundae at D*Q.

So how did you spend your Mother's Day Eve & Mother's Day?