Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Firemen at 4 am!!!

So we were all sound asleep last night. Or I should say Dean and the kids were; I was half asleep when all of a sudden someone is pounding on someone's door very loudly. I looked at the clock and saw it was 4 am. I thought, who is partying and making all that racket at 4 am on Tuesday morning! Then all of a sudden I here all these voices and it sounded like Dean was one of them. So I got out of bed to find Dean at the door talking to two firemen. There was a gas leak at the restaurant across the street. All the people on the south side of the hotel had to move to rooms on the north side of the hotel. The reason being, that if there was an explosion, the windows would get blown out on the south side. So we grabbed our pillows and extra blankets and headed across the hall to another room. We got in there and it was SOOOO cold. So I cranked the heat and we all went to bed. The kids were excited because there were TWO beds meaning they got one. For the last three weeks, Tanner has been on the couch cushions on the floor and Hayley has been on the pull-out sofa. But I didn't sleep very good at all over there. For one thing, it was so cold and I couldn't get warm enough. Then, I started feeling sick to my stomach, which usually happens when I'm over tired and due to birth control - that's why I take it at night so I can sleep through that sick feeling. Also, I was waiting for the explosion because I just thought with our luck, there'd be one. But there wasn't one. So this morning over continental breakfast, everyone was talking about being woken up at 4 am to move to another room. I think most of the guests happened to be on the south side.

It was funny because this morning when the kids woke up, Tanner couldn't remember why we had to move. It makes me wonder if he was truly awake last night when we walked across the hall to the other room!!

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Julie said...

Oh...man! I can't wait for you guys to get settled into your new house! So...NO MORE hotel living!