Monday, October 01, 2007

A Girls' Weekend

This past weekend was a Girls' Weekend. Just Hayley and me!

We started out by leaving Saturday morning at 9:00 for SF. We had plans to stop in M and meet Julie at the homecoming parade but it was just so darn windy- like hurricane windy! It just so happened that we were both heading to SF that weekend so we decided to try to meet up for lunch. Well, it didn't work out. But hopefully we'll get together soon!

We did some shopping, had lunch at IH*P (at Hayley's request), and did some more shopping! My friend Maria's little boy, Jordan, turned one! She had a birthday party at the Ram*da Inn. She put a lot of work into the party. She made up DVDs of all the home movies they've taken of Jordan and played those. She did a frog theme. She made a bunch of mini cakes with fondant and frog suckers. It was really cute! It was such a fun time - swimming, supper, presents, and cake! [I began babysitting Jordan when he was only five days old!! I baby sat for him for a semester. I was his 1st babysitter!!]

Then we stayed overnight at my sister, Shar's. Shar already had other plans to go out with her friends but graciously let us stay at her place. After a hard night of partying, Shar got up early to cook us pancakes for breakfast. Then we did some more shopping! For dinner, we ate at S*nic (at Hayley's request).

I bought myself a birthday present - even though it's a few weeks away! I've been searching high and low for a gold and silver watch - that I like. I finally found one!! It's awesome!! And I got a REALLY good deal on it and it was the cheapest one on my list. The hubby is happy! Plus I bought a gold and silver charm bracelet. I'll have to take a picture - it's really neat!

We finally got home about 5:30 pm on Sunday and boy, were we tired!!

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Just Mom said...

When's your birthday? My sister's is this month too.

Looks like another fun weekend.

Andrea said...

Mine is the 19th.....AND Tanner is the 12th, Hayley is the 23rd, and Dean is the 27th not to mention 4 other people in our immediate family! YIKES!!

So I'm going to be busy baking & decorating cakes and planning parties this month! :)

Jamie said...

Sound like you two got a lot of shopping done. FUN FUN!!

The birthday is so cute!! I used to work with Maria at the bank. I still can not believe she has baby. He is such a cutie pie!