Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still Busy!

Just thought I'd drop by and let you know I'm still here!

I had hoped that after the birthday month everything would start settling down but that hasn't been the case.

For Halloween, I decorated a bunch of mini pumpkin cakes (pictures to be posted soon). The kids went trick-or-treating uptown and then around the neighborhood. The kids like to hurry up and get back so they can hand out candy. In M, our neighborhood was super busy with kids and we handed out a TON of candy. We thought the same would be true in this new development we're in, in W but no, WE WERE WRONG! We had A LOT of leftover candy. Add that to all the candy the kids collected and I think we're set until next year!

Friday evening Dean & I had a little time to ourselves (aka without kids). My boss had a double celebration - her husband's 40th birthday party and the christening of their new shed. The party was held in the shed which was supposedly heated but it sure didn't feel like it! And I was even drinking hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps!

Hayley is finally having her birthday sleepover on Friday. She invited five girls - don't know how many are coming yet. Just found out today that one of the girls she invited is having her birthday party sleepover this Friday, also, and they each invited three of the same girls!! So it might be a small sleepover but that's ok! Should be fun but can't wait for it to over!! And the sleepover means I'll be decorating ANOTHER cake on Thursday. This time a pink electric guitar for her RockStar birthday party.

Saturday we are going to the town play with Dean's parents and Dean's sister and her family. Should be a fun family event.

Then I'm hoping to RELAX! Thank goodness it's a three-day weekend!

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Tracy said...

It's always hard to figure out how much candy to hand out for Halloween. We got rid of all our ours which was nice because the kids brought home enough to last a LONG TIME!!!

Jamie said...

Candy Candy Candy - I think we all have a ton. Gotta love Halloween!!

Have a fun night with the sleepover. I hope Hayley has a good time.

Just Mom said...

I hope you get to relax this weekend. I also hope Hayley's party is wonderful.