Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Did You Eat for St Paddy's Day?

Our family ate green mashed potatoes topped with mock beef stroganoff. And for dessert, a green jello poke cake topped with cool whip and green sprinkles!

Tanner & I prepared the meal while Hayley was at dance. When she came home and sat down at the table, I told her we were having green pistachio salad with beef gravy. In addition, I had already dished up two plates so she was looking at the plates and seeing green pistachio salad topped with a hamburger gravy. She looked very confused and did not look pleased that this is what we were having for supper. Then Tanner and I let her in on the joke, it wasn't pistachio salad it was green mashed potatoes! :) She looked SO relieved! Then we all happily gobbled up the yummy supper!

As we were eating, it was hard to believe it was mashed potatoes because it did NOT look like mashed potatoes! They were SO green! Gotta have fun when you can!

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Tracy said...

Well aren't you creative??


Jamie said...

You guys were very festive!! I bet it was weird to eat green mashed potatoes!

Kerrie said...

For reals....I'm not sure I could have eatten it. Do you remember when they sold green ketchup? Yeah - I couldn't eat it.

I'm a big dork like that. :)

Amanda said...

I will not eat them here nor there
I will not eat them anywhere
I do not like green mashed potatos
I will not eat them sam I am