Monday, June 09, 2008

That's A Lot Of......

75 degrees - hot & sunny on Saturday (perfect)

62 degrees - cold, gloomy & windy on Sunday (freezing)

60 degrees - cool, sunny & windy on Monday (miserable)

18 dollars for admission

13 hours at the softball diamonds

12 dollar souvenir t-shirt for the player

12 girls on the softball team

7 games

5 beverages

4 losses

4 hot dogs

3 wins

3 days of softball

3 family members coated in sunscreen

3 candy bars

2 bags of sunflower seeds

2 hot chocolates (Monday)

2 days wrapped in blankets

2 days on bleachers (bleacher butt)

1 day on comfy lawn chairs

1 freezie

1 super nacho

1 slice of pizza

1 family member not coated in sunscreen (sunburn)


4 Visitors:

Just Mom said...

Are you sunburned?

Andrea said...

Yep, I'm the one that got sunburned! I guess I was too busy covering the other three to bother with myself! :(

(That's two weekends in a row - Hayley didn't properly coat my back at the pool the prior weekend.)

Tracy said...

WOWZA! Most of it sounds like fun!! (all except the cold weather and what's needed in the cold weather)


Jamie said...

Sounds like fun!

I remember the good old days of softball...I can't wait for Marissa to start that!!