Monday, August 25, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

I apologize for keeping you all in suspense! I am finally going to show you my kitchen transformation!!! Drum roll please.........


The inspiration - my purple sofas

It's alright, you can say it - BORING!

There's those cool purple sofas again.

Depending upon the light, they "change" colors throughout the day - just as the paint does.


The decor above the cabinets is a work in progress - I'm still shopping!


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Momma Roar said...

Oooohhhhh, I love it too! Thanks for sharing! :)

Tracy said...

Very cool. Does it make it DARK in there?? I always wondered that...we want to paint our basement a dark brown but are afraid it will make it "feel" like a basement.


Just Mom said...

Looks awesome!

Just Mom said...
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Andrea said...

Tracy, yes it does definitely make it seem dark in there. I think the only reason I can get away with it though is because it's upstairs and opens up into the dining room and living room.

The dark brown in the basement will make it darker but if you have lots of lighting or windows it shouldn't be too bad.

Even in my kitchen, when it's dark outside, my walls seem REALLY dark.

I've been wanting to paint my son's room in the basement a dark chocolate brown but have the same reservations as you. And his room gets the least amount of light so I think I'm going to have to pick a different color for his room.

Sorry for rambling...hope this helps!

Amanda said...

Look beautiful

Jamie said...

Very nice...I really like that color. It looks awesome!!

Dawn said...

I like it, amazing what a little color does to a space.