Thursday, October 02, 2008

4th of July 2008

OK, so I know I'm REALLY behind in my posts but I still want to share them with you so here I go!

To celebrate the 4th, Dean's brother and his family invited us to their cabin in Wisconsin. We left on the 3rd and came home on the 6th. The day we got there it was extremely windy but the rest of the weekend was awesome!! We got many boat rides in, some swimming, and LOTS of relaxing.

Most of the Cousins

A Daytime Pontoon Ride

Dean & I Chillin' on the Pontoon

S'Mores Time

Nighttime Pontoon Ride


Sparkler Time

A Relaxin' Pontoon Ride

Another Nighttime Pontoon Ride

Blueberry Pancakes on the Deck the Last Morning at the Cabin

3 Visitors:

Tracy said...

Awwww...bye bye summer!!

Amanda said...

I was confused when I saw "July 4" as your title - had to remind myself of what day/month it is. HA

Great pictures but so sad to see summer go bye bye

Jamie said...

I love fall but you just made me wish it was the 4th of July again!!

Looks like you had a great time!