Thursday, April 09, 2009

Dean's New Job

Dean has been working at his new job for a month now. The company he is working for is probably one of the few companies that is busy, busy, busy right now! (The company makes fire trucks.) Dean is so exhausted by the end of the week!! We decided he would commute each day rather than get an apartment or hotel in SF. (We had to decide which was the lesser of the two evils, 15 hours driving & longer days or not seeing his family during the week.) He gets up at 5 am, is on the road by 5:20 & at work by 7:00! (Must be nice to be a guy & be ready in 20 minutes!!) He calls me when he leaves work (about 5:30) so I can have supper on the table when he walks in the door (about 7:00). We're used to eating supper between 5:30 & 6:00 so this 7:00 stuff seems SO late! There have been many times where I couldn't have timed supper more in, I was setting the food on the table as he walked in! (Yeah for me!) Then we get to spend a couple hours with him & he goes to bed between 9:00 & 9:30! (It's funny because he goes to bed the same time as the kids!! Now I'm the night owl who heads to bed later whereas Dean used to stay up later than me!!) Dean had to work the last two Saturdays for a half day so he is really pooped. He should also be working this Saturday but we already had plans to head out of town on Friday for Easter so they'll have to make due without him! (Plus his boss said he's been spending enough time at work!) Not only is he putting in 50+ hours of work a week, he's putting in 15+ hours of driving a week! And when he's at work, he's constantly busy & running around so he does not a minute to rest or think! But......he is enjoying the job & is looking forward to the day when he "knows his stuff" as this is a new industry he's working in! (His last job involved circuit boards & such for medical equipment & Dakt*ronics.)

Needless to say, we're REALLY looking forward to our house selling (soon) & moving to the SF area. Then we can get on with our lives as it feels like we're in a holding pattern & there are so many uncertainities right now.

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Just Mom said...


Oh my goodness! Now that's some work week.

btw .. by "Sioux Falls area" do you mean Mad-town? :-D

Andrea said...

Yeah, on Sunday evenings he dreads the start of another work week!

Nope, not Mad-town! Much closer to SF......Brandon!