Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hayley's a Cadette!

The Girl Scouts Bridging/Awards Ceremony was held on a VERY windy (but sunny) day in early May at the Redlin Art Center. It was very fitting for the girls bridging from one level to the next to cross a bridge to mark the occasion. Hayley is no longer a Junior Girl Scout. She is now a Cadette Girl Scout! Her vest is now tan instead of that ugly green! This also marked her fifth year in Girl Scouts and she was awarded with a special pin. Hayley's troop was in charge of the flag ceremony and holding onto those flags in that wind was no easy task! Each girl that bridged also received a pine tree seedling. I'm not real fond of pine trees but have decided to make a conscious effort to keep it alive. Since we will be moving (hopefully) soon, we decided to plant it in a big flower pot so we can take it with us. So far it's still alive!

Hayley's troop here was not as aggressive as her troop in M in earning badges & patches. Being Hayley transferred during her Junior level, she has a lot more badges & patches than others. I even heard other mothers commenting on it! The bad part about it is sewing them on! I HATE sewing!! I recently found some iron-on backing & did try those on the last few so we'll see if they last......or if I'll have to sew those on too! Last time I managed to get approximately 14 needle pokes & sewed the vest to my ottoman!!

Hayley wants to continue GS when we move to B. It appears that they have pretty active troops there so it should be fun!

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Just Mom said...

The ceremony was in early May, and you're just now getting around to posting it?!?!?!?! ;-D

Congratulations Hayley. I remember how excited I was when I became a Cadette. Unfortunately, I stopped GS activities when things with the drama club started getting really busy. I still remember my time with the group as being a fun time.

Just Mom said...

Oh! Nice blog background! :-D

Tracy said...

I like your blog!! GOOD JOB!!

Congrats Hayley!!