Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Gotta Job!

So I am employable......I was beginning to wonder!

After FOUR trips to the SF area for interviews, one finally paid off! My interviews began the end of April. The first interview was for a Finance Manager at a DVD kiosk company, the second for a Mortgage Loan Processor at a credit union, the third for an Accountant at a CPA firm, the fourth for an Accounting Assistant/Administrative Assistant at a non-profit food organization, and the fifth (and lucky one) for a Settlement Accountant at a third party credit card servicing company! WOOHOO!!!

I applied for a gazillion jobs......seriously! =) The good news is that companies are hiring; the bad news is that there are LOTS of people applying for jobs! Every interview I've been to, they've told me that they had a huge number of applications/resumes! At the non-profit organization, they told me they had 150 applicants! Even though I did not get offered the job, I feel so lucky to have even gotten an interview! That's CRAZY competition! I did end up getting a second interview at the CPA firm but still did not get the job......which I'm OK with......my goal is to obtain my CPA license but I just don't know if I can handle the dreadful tax season at a CPA firm!

Regarding the job I accepted, I had an interview last Tuesday. When I left about 4 pm, they told me they still had more interviews to conduct last week & would make a decision & offer by Tuesday (today) of this week. Well, at 9:30 Wednesday morning, barely 12 hours after I left, they called me & told me they liked me so much that they wanted to offer me the job & cancel the rest of their interviews! IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT?!?! And of course, I accepted the job!

The position does not pay me nearly what I was hoping for but it is in the accounting field & the company has great perks & benefits. Plus the HR lady & my supervisor were awesome. I get to wear jeans EVERY DAY; set my own hours - work as early as 7:30, as late as 5:00, & take a 30 min or 60 min lunch; the company is located in a nice, new building in a nice, newer area; get 3 weeks of vacation the first year & 4 weeks of vacation the second year; has a great 401K! I think I'm going to really enjoy this job & the company! I'm really excited about going back to work after being unemployed for so long......since mid-December!! Being unemployed can be great, especially during the summer, but I'm ready to work! I start on July 27th - which seems so far away yet so close!

Being our house (STILL) has not sold, the kids & I are going to B tomorrow to find us an apartment to rent. Hopefully I have good luck finding a newer one with a short lease!


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Just Mom said...


Congrats, Andrea. :-D

Just Mom said...

By the way, I think the benefits packages that companies offer are a little more important that what the salaries are. But that's just my opinion. :-D

ICT said...
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Andrea said...

Ha! Just got my first spam comment!! I've heard bloggers talk about blog spam before but until now had no idea what they were really talking about!!

Tracy said...

Congrats Andrea!! I hope everything works out!!!