Monday, August 21, 2006

Black Hills - Part IV

Saturday was spent in the Custer and Hot Springs areas. Our first stop was Flintstones Park. We had a fun time going through Bedrock City. The kids rode the Flintmobile and Iron Horse train. We watched the Flintstone Trio Show and saw Mt Rockmore. After the show, the kids had their picture taken with Fred and Barney. Dean also got his picture taken with the ladies - Wilma and Betty.

Our next stop was The Mammoth Site. They have recovered the remains of 55 mammoths so far. The kids found it very interesting to look at all the bones. It's amazing how they died and the fact that they died here.

We then stopped at Putt 4 Fun Miniature Golf. We all had a blast! It was a par 37 course, 18 holes. The scores were: 1st - Dean with a 47, 2nd - Andrea with a 51, 3rd - Tanner with a 60, and in 4th - Hayley with a 62.

Then it was off to Evans Plunge, which is the world's largest natural warm water indoor swimming pool. The pool is filled with rejuvenating naturally war mineral water at 87 degrees. There were three different waterslides, rings, fun tubes, and two kiddie pools. One waterslide is an open curvy slide. This one I could do but almost lost my bikini top twice so after three times down I quit. I couldn't find my other swimsuit when I was packing!! There was a tube slide (meaning it was covered and dark) that basically went straight down and then shot you out. No way was I doing that one. The kids and Dean were brave enough and loved it. However, Tanner chickened out the first time up the steps then later went back to try it. The last slide was a tube slide (covered and dark) that was curvy and had a few drops. Dean and the kids tried this one but not me. They loved it. Everyone loved to scream while they went down it and you never knew where the end was. And it really shot you out.

On the way home, we had to stop in Custer at The Purple Pie Place to have some homemade pie. A guy at our hotel told us about it and it was definitely worth the stop. The kids had rhubarb, Dean had blueberry, and I had bumbleberry which is a mixture of five different fruits. They were all delicious.

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