Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Play Ball - Part I

This week is Hayley's softball tournament. Monday night they lost their first game. Bummer! However, because it's double elimination, they then had to play a second game. They got to the third inning (5 to 0, our favor) and it was decided to postpone the remainder of the game due to the bad weather coming. We were supposed to finish the game Tuesday night and then, if they won, they were to immediately play again that same night. But as you all know, it was raining Tuesday so the games got postponed to today - Wednesday. So picking up where they left off, they finally finished the game, 11 to 3. WE WON!!! They had to play again immediately afterwards but that game was delayed 1/2 hour because another game was being played on the field. Finally, they got on the field. The game was called after the 4th inning because there was another game waiting to use the field and we had been playing almost an hour anyways. The score was 9 to 4. WE WON!!! So now they gotta play tomorrow. If they win that one, they play again right away. If they win the second one, they play a final game Friday night - which throws a kink into our weekend plans but, oh well! I'll let you know how it turns out.

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