Monday, October 09, 2006

Fall is Here!

Another week is gone! Friday I was going to watch Alonna for a bit while her mom ran errands but then her daddy got to. I was disappointed but it actually was for the best. My friend Maria, who had her baby on September 29th, said I could come visit. So Friday afternoon I headed over to her place. His name is Jordan and he is so cute!! And little! I only got to stay for an hour, had to get the kids from school, but I wanted to stay longer. He is so precious! I can't wait to see him again. Soon, I hope!!

Saturday the kids went to bowling league and then we went to the Corn Maze. Hayley and I had been there twice before for Girl Scouts. Dean and Tanner had never been there, or to one period. I don't know why I suggested we go. I hate the feeling of getting lost and Dean was trying. He wanted us to split up, boys vs girls, but I said no way. This is going to be done as a family because really, I have no sense of direction. And even though they give you a map, I still would have been lost! We found the secret treasure chest so we all got a treat from the concession stand. Then we stopped in SF on our way home. We were only going to stop for a bit but it ended up being much longer. Imagine that!! We did a little shopping, the kids picked out their birthday presents, and then we ate at Chevy's. It was really good. But here we are at a mexican restaurant and the kids order american - a cheeseburger and chicken strips! Crazy kids!!

Sunday was laundry and homework for me! Dean took off for Mpls as he has a Quality Conference there Monday and Tuesday. So it's just the kids and I for a few days. Thank goodness today is a holiday!!

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