Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Baby Turned 10

Monday was Hayley's birthday! Hard to believe my baby is 10! Sunday evening at the dinner table I asked Dean if there was anything special going on on Monday. Hayley immediately piped up and said it was her birthday. Dean said that's not important. Hayley said yes it is - I'm turning double digits! We laughed! Funny how something like that can be so exciting. It would be great to be young again and be able to look forward to things like that! Hayley wanted a scooter for her birthday so that's what she got! No, there's no frosting on the cake! She didn't want any on there so I didn't put any on. It looks kinda naked but it's her birthday and you gotta please the birthday girl. But after she got a piece of cake, then she decided she wanted some frosting! Crazy girl!

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