Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Sick

Well, I'm not feeling better yet. This is not how I wanted to spend my last days of "freedom" or how I want to start my job tomorrow!

I thought I was getting better on Saturday and even went to the pool and down the tube waterslide and lazy river! (I don't think I'll be going down the tube slide again - I did NOT enjoy it!) However, Saturday evening I started getting sicker. My sore throat was almost gone but then I got a cough. And I've been coughing ever since!! So my sore throat is BACK but not nearly as bad!! And my sides, chest, stomach, and back ache from all my coughing. And of course, I'm not sleeping (what is new?) so I feel like the walking dead!! AWESOME! NOT!!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too bad so we went to the pool. You can't keep the kids and I away when it's sunny and 90! I figured I was going to try to sweat out my cold. When that didn't work, Hayley and I enjoyed the lazy river. It's hard to believe someone can be cold when it's sunny and 90 but with me, everything is possible. The water was cold and when the sun went behind clouds and with the wind, oh, I was cold!! So I guess I even tried freezing the cold out of me. But none of it worked. I still have my cold!

So tomorrow I start my JOB! I'm looking forward to my first day of work but yet dreading it. Darn it, I should have taken the whole summer off!! I had the opportunity but didn't seize it! Wish me well - it should be interesting being I've been out of the workforce for so long!!

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Kerrie said...

Oh goodness! Good luck to you indeed!!

Tracy said...

So how did the 1st day go?!?!

Jamie said...

Good Luck with your new job! I hope you are feeling better. :(