Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Baking is Done!

Christmas baking is finally done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finished up on Saturday with Rosettes. Now, if I could only find friends and family to share my Christmas goodies with.........

Friday evening was Dean's work Christmas party. It involved a good meal, many door prizes to the employees, and karoake. Dean received his bonus and won the table centerpiece (which I will be regifting) and a $50 gift certificate to M*enards. [You may not believe in regifting but if it's something I don't like or need and it was not given to me by a special person, I feel I should be able to give it to someone who will enjoy it.]

Saturday I spent four hours shopping for Christmas gifts. I only have two left to buy, plus a few more stocking stuffers. While shopping, I found purple poinsettias - with glitter!! How COOL!!! My favorite color is purple. I bought two - one for my office and one for home to match my purple sofas, purple decor, and purple decorated Christmas tree! [They came in purple, pink, blue, peach, ivory and red.] I spent three hours wrapping gifts, which I LOVE to do! And got most of the laundry done. Then I spent the evening making Rosettes.

Sunday the kids had to acolyte at church and then I finished up the laundry and caught up on my TV watching on the DVR. The CEO at Dean's work had a manager's Christmas party at his house Sunday evening. There was lots of food and drinks and people - about 30 to 40! It was a full house! Afterwards we all played a few games of Catch Phrase.

So what did you do this weekend? Got all your shopping & gift wrapping done?

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Just Mom said...

I'm still baking up a storm. *sigh*