Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Tour of Homes

Heidi Jo is hosting a Holiday Tour of Homes Extravaganza.
I'd like to share my holiday decor with you.
My Nativity Set

Hayley's Nativity Set

My Miniature Christmas Teapot Sets & Candles

(I collect miniature teapot sets of all kinds.)

My Table Centerpiece

My Purple Poinsettia with Glitter

My Picture Perfect Christmas Tree

(Decorated in purple, silver, and irridescent.)

The "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree
(Decorated with ornaments from Dean's & my childhood, ornaments I have bought the kids, and ornaments the kids have made.)

The Mouse Countdown Calendar

(This is from my childhood.)

The New "Cool" Stockings

(When we get our fireplace mantel finished, these will hang there.)

(Hayley-pink, Dean-green, Tanner-blue, Me-Purple)

Santa's Milk & Cookies

5 Visitors:

Heidi Jo said...

how stinkin' jealous do you think i am of that purple glitter poinsettia? not fair!

thanks for playing...check in tomorrow night.

Just Mom said...

Andrea, your collection is FANTASTIC! I love the stockings, the centerpiece, the trees... oh heck. I love everything!

Tracy said...

I love your tree...very pretty!!!

Teresa said...

The purple is really pretty! Your tree really is a masterpiece. Good work!

Loved it all.

Jamie said...

That poinsettia is so pretty! Love the purple!!

Everything looks nice...Happy Holidays!!