Monday, December 04, 2006

Julie Says It's Time To Update!

Julie, a good friend of mine, says it's time to update my blog. I haven't for two reasons: 1) I've been really busy and 2) I don't think anything exciting has happened in the past month! But anyways, here I go!

In the middle of November, Dean started a new job in H2O as a Quality Manager. This company is a foreign industry to him. He's used to being involved in the automotive industry and this company makes circuit boards or something like that. Also, it's very CLEAN!!! (I am very excited about this part!) He would come home from work so filthy! He was so nervous the night before he started his new job, I had to laugh and make fun of him! He's usually so laid back and not much bothers him so to see him worrying and fretting is cool! He's human after all. Anyways, he's used to being forced out of his job and then having to find a new one. In this instance, Dean left his job voluntarily. Plus, it was a new area of work he was not familiar with. He's a little more comfortable now but even last night he was saying how he's still feeling like a newbie and doesn't like not feeling confident about his job. BUT, he says he believes he made the right decision and when he becomes fully knowledgeable about his job that he will really enjoy it. It's been going good but the driving back and forth is getting kind of old he says, especially on Friday nights coming home. The other two times he had to commute for awhile, the kids and I only saw him on the weekends because it was so far away. This time it's only an hour away so we get to see him everyday, which is nice. Most of the time!

As soon as we sell our house, we will be moving. It makes more sense for me to commute than him as my daily school schedule is a lot shorter than his daily work schedule. I've changed my schedule so I will only be commuting on MWF for two classes. The other three I will take by internet and correspondence. We were hoping to move over Christmas break but being we haven't received an offer yet, that's slim to none! Oh well, it will happen sometime, Dean keeps telling me.

A couple weekends ago, Hayley brought home the rat from school. We let Tanner last year so we had to let her this year. Dean couldn't believe that I was allowing them to bring them home but I grew up with hamsters so I figured it'd be ok. Well, I found out, rats are a lot different than hamsters. Hamsters are actually cute. Rats are not. Rats get big fast. Last year I was surprised how big the rat was because it was only like 6 weeks old at the time! So this year, I told Hayley she had to bring home the smallest one. Which she wasn't too happy about because that's the one that had bit her. But she abided and we had fun.

Over Thanksgiving we were in H2O visiting Dean's family! It was so nice that I actually had no homework to do so I could really just relax, visit, and enjoy myself. Last year, some of the family members decided to join in on the 5k run/walk. No way, not me! I was the DB - Designated Babysitter so everyone else could participate. Well, this year they decided to do it again. But not me, even though my babysitting services weren't needed this time. Here's the brave ones that took part. And just in case you were wondering, Dean walked.

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Oh, come on Andrea! If I can do it, so can you. Yeah...I'd love to help you decorate.