Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas - Late

But better late than never, right?! Well, Christmas came and Christmas went. It certainly wasn't our normal routine around here. First of all, on Christmas Eve we all sat around asking ourselves if it really was Christmas Eve because it just didn't feel like it. My sister, Shar, from SF arrived about 6 pm - just in time for supper. We decided to go to 10 pm church instead of our normal 5:30 service because Shar had to work late. We didn't make it to bed until midnight - way too late for me!

Christmas morning we were up fairly early. It doesn't matter what time the kids go to bed. They don't sleep in. They can go to bed two hours late and they sleep in for an additional 15 to 30 minutes - that's it! Our family loves to play games and we have so many but there are so many out there. Santa brought more games so that's pretty much what we did all day. Usually I cook for my side of the family, which includes my dad and his lady friend, my sister Shar, my sister Jodi and her boyfriend TJ, and my sister Kelly and her boyfriend (now fiancee) and their three kids. But this year, only Shar and Kelly and her family came. It was rather quiet - or at least as quiet as it can be with five kids between the ages of 7 and 11. We ate at 5:30 (way too much), opened gifts, and then just gabbed while the kids played. Kelly forgot all the gifts for our family so the gift opening was fairly quick! Geez - what was she thinking! If it wasn't an hour drive back to get them, I would have said - you want to eat, you bring presents! :) Heck, she's still holding onto our birthday presents, which were in October!

Tuesday the kids had dentist appointments in SF. Dean believes that I specifically requested this date so we could go shopping for Christmas sales/deals but really I didn't. I swear!! The dentist office suggested the date and I grabbed it. Of course, because of the Christmas sales/deals. Couldn't turn it down. No cavitities so we're doing something right! We went appliance shopping. We think we found the appliances we want.

We're just glad Christmas is over so we can concentrate on our move. Movers are coming to pack everything up but I feel like I should be doing it. We're definitely going to make up for Christmas next year. I had so many people disappointed in me because I didn't do my regular Christmas baking - only my fudge. I'll definitely be going overboard next year to make up for it.

Well, have a safe and Happy New Year!

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