Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Decisions, Decisions!

Last Friday, the kids and I went to H2O so they could visit their new school prior to starting on the 3rd. The kids are pretty excited. I think after a week they'll be totally at ease. Tanner is going to have a male teacher - something new for him. I think he's really looking forward to that.

Dean & I also had some decisions to make regarding the house in H2O. We needed to pick out light fixtures. So Friday evening I had it narrowed down to two different types. By Saturday morning I had it narrowed down to THREE different types. We went to the store and finally decided on some - I went with my gut instinct. Then we went furniture shopping. I was on a mission for a purple sofa. Yes, a purple sofa! And I found one. And a loveseat! It's a pretty purple - deep, dark and muted microfiber. I'm really excited. It was cheaper to get the 5 piece set with two end tables and a coffee table than just the sofa and loveseat. I'm not too crazy about the tables but I plan on looking around for other ones. I just had to get them because it made more sense. Dean thinks I'm crazy to get the tables when I don't like them but the bottom line is that it was cheaper than not to get them. Stupid, I know! I'm going to do my kitchen in the grapes and wine theme. I'm real excited about that!

Then we went to look at fireplaces. There's going to be one downstairs in the corner. We found the fireplace we want. Now we just got to decide how far to frame it off the floor and what kind of look we want - bookshelves above it, TV above it, sheetrocked all the way to the wall, tile, brick, seating area - and the list goes on. I'm starting to think I'm not cut out for all these decisions. At this point I'm glad we didn't start from square one with the layout and building!!

Needless to say, my head was spinning by the time I left H2O on Saturday!

I've still got to buy kitchen appliances, master bedroom furniture, entertainment center, office set, full mattresses for the kids, and Hayley new bedroom furniture. Is Dean going to allow me to get all this?! I better find some really good deals if I think he is!

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