Sunday, July 29, 2007

Christmas In July

Friday was Christmas at our house! My Lia Sophia jewelry came! It was SO much FUN to go through it. I'm SO excited I can't wait to wear it all. I'm going to be one stylin' chick! However, Dean was not too happy with my 14 pieces of new jewelry but as usual, he will get over it.

My dad and his lady friend, Pat, came to visit Friday evening so I invited my sister Kelly, her boyfriend, and their three kids over for a grill out. Then we had some YUMMY desserts (rhubarb cheesecake and peanut butter chocolate dessert). Afterwards we played some games - Kids Battle the Grown-Ups and Battle of the Sexes.

Saturday we did some shopping because it was Crazy Days. Boy, was it some LAME Crazy Days!! But I did manage to find a few deals. After lunch we played miniature golf and then my dad and Pat left.

Early Sunday morning Dean & I worked on the landscaping. (Dean's been working HARD on it the past week. Good job, honey! It's appreciated!) The sprinkler system was finished on Tuesday and then Dean started working on the edging. This morning we worked some more on the edging - we're over halfway done! Boy, was it HOT and we're talking 9 am! (When the edging is done, I'll post pictures.) We're hoping to get it finished Monday evening. Then we'll need to finally decided on and buy our rock and patio pavers. After working hard all morning, we decided an afternoon swim sounded good so we headed to the pool. Then it was a LAZY afternoon!

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Kerrie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Tracy said...

I am excited to see pictures of your landscaping!!

Just Mom said...

It was Christmas in July here too. Alex watched Christmas movies all weekend. I'm still trying to figure out why.

Jamie said...

Christmas is good anytime of year!!

Make sure to post some pictures of your landscaping!!