Sunday, July 08, 2007

Our 4th of July & Weekend

We had a low key but good 4th of July. By the way, I'm glad everyone liked my creative flag on the 4th. I was laying in bed Wednesday morning thinking about doing a post when this came to mind. Normally I am NOT creative so I greatly appreciate all the nice comments! Thanks!

Wednesday afternoon, we went to the parade. Boy, was it HOT!! Afterwards, we hung out at home and then grilled out before heading to the stadium to partake in the activities there - a clown making balloon animals, baseball toss with radar gun, two bands were playing, concessions, and prizes. Then at dark, the fireworks show started. It was an AWESOME show!! The city did a very good job. But very LOUD - poor Hayley had her ears plugged during the ENTIRE show. (She seems to have sensitive ears and I think it's because of her having tubes in her ears when she was younger.) When we got home we did some sparklers and then went to bed.

Friday evening we went to the pool with Dean's sisters' families. If I can't go during the day because of work, I guess we'll have to start going in the evening. One of Dean's sisters was in town for her 20th reunion.

Saturday we all slept in! We REALLY needed to catch up on our sleep. And holy cow, Tanner did. He slept until 9:00 AM - he has NEVER slept that late. (Friday he slept until 8:00 AM and I was impressed by that and then Saturday he goes and blows me away again by sleeping even later!) He's always been an early riser - 6 to 7 am; I told him I was going to have to pull out his baby book and write this milestone down! :) The kids and I headed to the pool for the afternoon. Dean refused to be outside being it was so HOT! The kids met up with some of their old neighborhood friends from M. They had so much fun! My car said it was 100 degrees when we left the pool at 4:00. YIKES!! No wonder why I felt so sick!! After supper we hung out at Dean's parents' house with Dean's two sisters' families.

We had an interesting evening last night. We got home about 9:00 pm and couldn't get into our garage. Dean and I both tried the garage door opener SEVERAL times before I finally got out of our vehicle to try the keypad. But that didn't work neither. Finally after several attempts, a neighbor across the street yells that there's been a power outage. OH, GREAT!! So we parked outside and went inside to find out we definitely had no power. It was too dark to do anything inside so we played some card games out on the deck before coming in so the kids could go to bed. The kids brushed their teeth by flashlight while Dean & I brushed our teeth by candlelight. But the candlelight wasn't enough for me to remove my contacts. I had to go get the flashlight and set it on the sink so it was pointing up towards the ceiling so I could remove my contacts! Finally Dean called the utility company to get some info on the power outage. We were told that the power went out at 8:20, they didn't know what caused it, and they were working on restoring it. Thank goodness it had cooled down some outside but it was starting to get a little warm and stuffy inside. Dean & I decided to go to bed at 10:15. We were in bed for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden the power came back on - oops, left some lights on. So Dean & I got up and started resetting everything. So we were without power for 2 hours!! Glad it wasn't during the afternoon when it was 100 degrees!

Sunday afternoon we had our neighborhood friends from M over before they left to go back to M. They were up here camping. Otherwise Sunday is just going to be a LAZY day for us. Everyone deserves that now and then!

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Kerrie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Just Mom said...

"I had to go get the flashlight and set it on the sink so it was pointing so I could remove my contacts!"

I'm getting a very funny visual of you trying to do this in the semi-dark, but only because I've had to do that before too. :-D

No air conditioning in this heat would be awful. Glad you got the power back.

Jamie said...

Can you imagine not having air at all? I would never live with out it.

I don't think I have every brushed my teeth by canlelight!! I bet that was romantic. :)

Amanda said...

It was so hot this weekend but I LOVE the heat so bring it on! I know I’m alone on this one but what can I say…I still sleep in flannel pj’s in the summer.