Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dean the Landscaper

Monday Dean started our landscaping project which involved renting a skid steer to level the yard. (Yes, Amanda - he rented a bobcat.) :-) I was a little worried about Dean using the bobcat. I was inside just waiting to hear the big crash of him running into the house!! But it never happened - THANK GOODNESS!!

Tonight Dean was out pulling weeds. I probably should have been out there helping him but instead I was inside watching last night's episode of Big Brother (gosh, I LOVE that show) and trying to narrow done my choices from the lia sophia catalog. Boy, was that HARD WORK!! I'm pretty sure I was working as hard as my hubby was!! Then my lia sophia sales lady showed up to close my party and then we got to chatting. Sorry, honey! I can't wait to get all my loot - and boy, did I get a lot of loot - but PLEASE, don't tell my hubby!

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Lori B said...

Good luck with your landscaping project.

Just Mom said...

Holy smokes! You weren't kidding when you said you had a big project!

Keep posting photos of Dean's progress. :-D

Tracy said...

How cool is your blog and all the new pics!! Fun, fun!

Good luck Dean with all the landscaping. I did all that with my parents after we built our house (Mark was overseas). NOT FUN!

Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!! Where did you find the template? Cool cool cool