Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Hayley Not-So-Funny

It was a SUNNY and HOT afternoon. The temperature reached into the 90s. We spent three (sticky) hours at the pool. We had just left the pool and were climbing into our truck.

Me: Did you kids have fun?
Tanner/Hayley: Yep!
Me: Wow! I think I sweated off some fat sitting there!
Hayley: Yeah, I think you did!
Me: What?! No, Hayley, the correct answer would be, "Mom, you didn't have any fat to sweat off!"
Hayley: Mom, you don't have any fat. You're skinny!
Me: Too late honey!

So I called Dean to ask if it was alright with him if I let Hayley walk home.

Dean: No. Why?
Me: (I repeated the above conversation.)
Dean: (laughing) Oh boy, she's in the dog house!

So after we got home and Hayley asked me for permission to do something I jokingly told her no, she was in the dog house the rest of the day. Her response?

Hayley: Mom, we don't have a dog house so I can't be!

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Jamie said...

Kids...gotta love them!