Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hayley's Dance Competition

On Saturday, Hayley participated in her first dance competition. It was held in B. She was so excited and nervous. She only had about a month to learn the routine being we moved here in January while all the other girls have been working on it since last fall. I asked her if she felt she was ready and she said yes so I didn't want to hold her out of the competition. Plus, the coach said the girls probably wouldn't place this time but it was good experience for them. Well, Hayley's team placed 2nd out of six teams! AWESOME!! The other two teams from her dance club also placed, they each took 3rd in their divisions.

Hayley needed to wear blush and lipstick for competition and Dean was having a fit. He thinks she's too young - which she is - but not for competition. If they don't put it on, they look so white and pasty under all those lights. Also, Hayley told me she needed a poufy ponytail which I was thrilled about because her hair doesn't like to curl. Well, I spent god knows how long curling her hair and it kept falling out but I just ratted it up good and put LOTS and LOTS of hairspray in. It stayed ok. Well, we got there and she and one other girl (the coach's daughter) were the only ones with poufy ponytails!

They did their routine to the song 'Get Your Head in the Game' or something like that from the movie, 'The High School Musical.' It was pretty cute. Two performances after them also used that song so I'm glad our team got to go first!
Also, Hayley's dance costume wasn't in yet being it was ordered so late. One girl wasn't going to be able to make it so Hayley was going to wear her costume but then three days before the competition the girl said she could go. So, the coach had her daughter give her uniform to Hayley to wear and the coach's daughter wore a referee's uniform which worked out well because the rest of the team were basketball players. It looked pretty cute. I'm just glad it all worked out because I didn't want to have to tell Hayley she couldn't perform.
This dance class is sooooo much better than the SSDA. DG is really awesome and Hayley loves the class, coach, and the people in the class.

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Julie said...

Oh...how cute. I bet that was so fun for her.

Amber Kay said...

How fun!! Is Hailey going to do gymnastics with Dakota Gold too?

Andrea said...

She hasn't really said. She used to be interested in gymnastics but hasn't mentioned it in awhile. She said she may add cheerleading next fall in addition to the jazz dance.