Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tanner Makes Me Laugh!

Tanner: "We're going out."
Me: "You can't. You're brother and sister."
Tanner: "No, I mean ..."
Me: "I know what you mean, I was just kidding."
Tanner: "Besides, I wouldn't want to go out with my sister."
Me: "What does going out mean anyways?"
Tanner: "It's when two people are in love (rolling his eyes) & they go eat food."
Me: (laughing) "Oh, really."
Tanner: "And they go to movies."
Me: (lauging harder) "I guess Dad & I don't go on dates then."
Tanner: "Well, you used to."

The story behind the story. I was driving the kids to school this morning and Tanner could see the school playground from a couple blocks away and saw that kids were playing outside. He turned to Hayley and said, "We're going out." Which meant we're going outside to play this morning. (Last week they were inside pretty much inside all week because it was so cold, especially in the morning.) Anyways,I knew what he was referring to but decided to play with him so that is how the conversation developed. It was so cute how he rolls his eyes when he has to talk about LOVE! Can you blame him? He's a 5th grade boy!! Lordy, I don't know if I'm ready for his hormones to start going crazy!

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