Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our House

OK, I'm not quite moved in yet, or should I say unpacked yet but people have been requesting photos so here you go.

And the "ghetto" mailbox. The ground is frozen so we can't put one in plus we want to do a nice one with the stone that is used on the house so my creative husband improvised. A Christmas tree stand is holding up our mailbox. Hopefully we don't get any big winds!

Here's the entry way.
The living room. Don't you just love my purple sofas!! I sure do! Kinda hard to tell in this picture that they are purple.

The dining room.

The kitchen. At first I really disliked it because of the light cabinets but it's starting to grow on me. I really like dark wood. The kitchen will probably be redone in 5 years even though it's brand new.

Looking down the hallway.

The master bathroom/main floor bathroom.

The bath opens into the master bedroom.

The spare bedroom. It doesn't have a bed yet. It's my study room right now. Also, all the new bedroom furniture wouldn't fit in our bedroom so a piece ended up here.

My GREAT laundry room. It's all by itself. There's a separate utility room so I have a laundry room that's actually finished and nice.

The family room.

Hayley's bedroom.

Tanner's bedroom.

The kids' bathroom.

Here's some miscellaneous photos.

4 Visitors:

Julie said...

LOVE IT!! And, I love the purple sofa! I'm excited to come up and visit.

Amber Kay said...

It looks very nice Andrea! I'm sure you're very excited!

Andrea said...

Yes, I am very excited. I just wish I didn't have school going on now so I could get the house in order but that will have to wait until after graduation. The house isn't so bad but the garage is full of stuff that I have to go through. Thank goodness we have a triple garage!!

Lori B said...

I love your new home! It looks beautiful!!