Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Potato Sausage

So, have you ever heard of potato sausage? Well, I hadn't ... until I got married. It's a food from my husband's side of the family. Every Christmas Eve, it's potato sausage. Plus it's served at various other times throughout the year. It's not very tasty and it's very ugly looking. I managed to be a good sport and choke it down while we lived in H2O. But then we moved away and didn't make it back for Christmas Eve because we always do Christmas with my side of the family. Trust me, I didn't miss it over the last four years!! Well, now we're back in H2O so I'm probably going to have to start being a good sport again, at least at Christmas Eve.

Well, anyways, Dean's parents are away for the winter and we are house sitting so while over there Dean swiped a package of potato sausage. He cooked supper the other night and that is what he served. It's really hard to complain about the meal when he was nice enough to make it, especially when I'm so busy with school work. It was really hard to choke down after having a four year reprieve from it. However, I was a good sport and ate one small piece. I told Dean I felt like I was on Survivor being forced to eat native delicacies or just plain gross food (last Survivor episode).

I dare you to try some!

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Amber Kay said...

I haven't heard of it...but it looks disgusting!

Heidi Jo said...

Andrea- I found you. Sorry if I wasn't supposed to but I was curious as to who you were. So you live in Watertown now, did I know you there? The picture of your family is so distant that I can't see your face hardly at all.

Anyway, glad to make the connection and hope to visit via cyber-space often!

Andrea said...

Hey Heidi - I used to live in Watertown, and just recently moved from Madison back to Watertown. Are you from Watertown? No, we don't know each other. I know Amber and came across your blog. I really enjoy your blog! Btw, did you check out my pic?

Heidi Jo said...

We moved here from the Watertown area just a little less than two years ago. Chad's family farms by Waverly.

Yeah, that's funny about the pic. I don't think they sell them any more and I need mine terribly. If I lose it I may be contacting you for a replacement!

Julie said...

Yikes...Andera! That looks like something I'd feed Sammy!