Saturday, February 24, 2007

Laundry Catastrophe!!

My new washer has been a thorn in my side since day one! We had to buy new kitchen appliances so we decided we should buy a new washer and dryer, too. I really wanted the new front loading. I wanted the Fridgidaire Affinity ones because I liked how they looked. But Dean and the salesman persuaded me to get the LG ones. To me, they are really ugly. And they cost quite a bit more. So anyways, we bought front loading LG washer and dryer.

They were delivered on Tuesday, Jan 30, the day after we bought the house. I only do laundry once a week and it's either on a Saturday or Sunday. So I waited until Sunday to do laundry. I was able to do about four loads when it got "stuck". With this washer, you do not select the load size. After you start it, it balances itself and determines what size it is. Well, it got stuck balancing and wouldn't go on. Dean called LG and they had him do a bunch of things and said he probably got a bad one and would send out a service man. Well, we decided we should return it for a new one. Heck, if it's bad from the beginning, why keep it? So I called BB that next day, Monday, and set it up to get a new one delivered but it was going to take over a week. They only deliver to H2O on Tuesdays. So then this past weekend I started doing laundry. I got some done and then it started tripping the outlet because it's plugged into one of those GFI outlets. So we called the builder of the house who talked to the electrician. We determined it wasn't a bad outlet because we tried another GFI outlet and also unplugged the freezer. BB said just plug it into a regular outlet. Well, the problem is, there is no other outlet in the laundry room. Plus, if the washer is tripping the outlet there's a reason. If you plug it into a regular outlet it won't trip and you could end up with a big shock or fire. So then the builder decided to try a 20 amp instead of a 15 amp in the outlet. These washers use more juice. So far so good. I'm getting laundry done!

So I'm sitting here studying while laundry is going and I hear this huge racket. I couldn't tell where it came from. So I peek in the laundry room and that's where the racket came from! My 300 oz bottle of laundry soap that was on the washer fell off!!! And the cap broke!!! There was soap all over the floor. (These washers spin really, really fast. And evidently the washer wasn't totally level.) I yelled to Dean who couldn't seem to figure out what to do as the soap is spreading faster and faster and bigger and bigger. So I yelled at him to get me two cups and I started frantically scooping soap off the floor and back into the jug. It was a mess!!! I've washed my hands over and over and can't seem to get the slime of the soap off!! YUCK!! We wiped up all the soap and I tried washing the floor with plain hot water and keep making bubbles. So I finally just dried it and left it. Don't know how I'll ever get the floor clean. It looks clean but I don't know if it feels clean. I'm sure there's still soap on it. We'll probably be slipping and sliding for weeks or months!!

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