Thursday, April 05, 2007

First Communion

Tanner & Hayley received their First Communion last night on Maundy Thursday.

Our church in M has the kids begin when they are 5th graders, as I did. This year, Tanner is a 5th grader but we moved before he got to receive his First Communion. The church we attend now in H2O has the kids begin in the 2nd grade so both Tanner and Hayley were behind. So a couple weeks ago we had to attend a three hour class with the kids to prepare them for their First Communion.

During the class, the pastor required that all the kids try the wine. Then, if they didn't like it, at their First Communion, they could choose the white grape juice instead of the wine. What was his reasoning you ask? First of all, he wanted all the kids to try the wine. Then he also said, "If you have the wine at your First Communion and don't like it and spit it out all over my white robe in front of the entire congregation, I won't be happy. But if you try it now and don't like it and spit it out all over my jeans and t-shirt, I won't care." Maybe you had to be there, but it was really funny when he said it and everyone laughed. Anyways, Hayley liked the wine, Tanner did not. His eyes were watering and he said there was no way he was drinking wine ever again! By the way, Tanner had the wine, at my request, at his First Communion and he survived! I told him in the future, he may choose the juice if he preferred but I really wanted him to have the wine at his First Communion.

We are not attending the same church we attended when we first lived here. Many "bad" things have happened to that church over the years and people have been leaving in flocks. So we chose another church and we are so glad we did. The pastor is GREAT!! He is a real "people" person. He makes it fun! Maybe this will be my calling to start attending church on a regular basis again.

We currently are not regular church-goers. Was I brought up that way? No. We didn't attend church every Sunday but we did attend fairly often as children. My dad has often given me a hard time about not attending church on a regular basis in my adulthood. Do I understand where he's coming from? Yes, but I also get to make the choice now that I am an adult. Don't get me wrong. I think church is an important part of life, however, it's become so much easier to just say I'm just too busy or tired to go. I make sure my kids get to Wednesday School (aka Sunday School) EVERY WEEK but we don't attend church. We go only a handful of times a year.

Maybe the "urge" to attend church on a regular basis will come to me soon. Maybe it won't. Maybe when I'm not doing homework 24/7 as I do now and have done for the last four years I will "find" the time to set aside one hour a week for church. Maybe after I've graduated I will find school is/was not the center of the universe. Maybe I/we will be a happier, healthier person/family when I/we finally find the time to nuture myself/ourselves with God. Maybe I'm making excuses. Maybe I'm not.

So this post took an entire different road than I had intended. I had only intended to share with you that my children just received their First Communion but it took on a much deeper rambling. I've decided to leave it as is because these are my true feelings about least at this point in my life.

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Just Mom said...

Congratulations to Hayley and Tanner!

Kerrie said...

Andrea - I feel the same way and wanted to share this with you. I saw it just the other day.

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car."

I don't know where it came from or who said it, but it couldn't be more true.

Congratulations to your kids.

Tracy said...

I absolutely agree Ker!

Congrats Hayley and Tanner!!

Andrea said...

Thanks Kerri and Tracy ~ for not making me feel like I'm a bad parent!