Thursday, April 19, 2007

What a Week...And It's Only Thursday Morning!

Dean had to travel for work so he left at 8:00. I was so tired I could hardly open my eyes and I was laying on the floor at the top of the steps talking to him while he was getting ready to leave. And I didn't feel well most of the day but I didn't have time for that. I went shopping for a new outfit to wear for one of my busy nights this week. I got home and was making myself a ham and cheese omelet for lunch when the phone rang. It was a company that I had applied to but not specifically for a job I wanted but applied anyways. So I took the phone call and they wanted to schedule an interview with me so I shut off the burner but forgot to remove the pan from the burner. (By the way, I burned the omelet. So I ate two bites and put it into the fridge, my hubby will eat it when he gets back.) I had to run downstairs and search for my calendar and the conversation went something like this:

Job: Do you have a job to work around?
Me: No, but I attend school in M, though.
Job: Everyday?
Me: No, only three days a week.
Job: Let's try to work around your schedule.
Me: How about anytime Thursday before 2:00?
Job: No, the HR lady is out of the office that day. How about Wednesday?
Me: No, I'm out of town the whole day. How about Friday at 3:00?
Job: Well, Friday afternoons are not good days to do interviews. How about today?
Me: (Looking at the time; it's 12:15.) Well, it would have to be really soon as I have to pick up my kids from school and leave for M as I have a banquet tonight.
Job: Boy, you're busy!
Me: No, not really but you just picked my busiest week of the semester.
Job: Let's look at next week. How about Monday?
Me: Sure, I get back at 11:00.
Job: How about 11:15?
Me: Well, I need to stop by home to change and prepare so how about 11:30?
Job: Well, we can try that. (Whatever that means.)

So as we are confirming the details I realize I'm actually supposed to be in M the whole day that day because although I'm done with classes at 10:00 I have a banquet to attend that evening and am not going to travel back and forth. AARRGGHH!! So I'm thinking what should I do. I finally decided just to go with it and think about it later. So now that I've had time to think, I'm going to skip classes Monday morning, go to my 11:30 interview and then drive to M for the banquet.

Later that afternoon I start getting ready for my PBL Banquet and at 2:15 receive a call from my dad that he's going to be stopping by as he's going through town and he's 45 minutes away. Oh shoot! I forgot he was coming. OK, dad but I have to pick the kids up from school at 3:20. (By the way, he knew I was going to leave town shortly afterwards because I had told him this when we talked on the phone over the weekend.) So he should have been to my house by 3:00 but didn't show so at 3:15 left to get the kids. On my way home my engine light comes on. Now, this is my Explorer, my baby. We bought it brand new 2.5 years ago and I take very good care of it. Why is this happening? And more importantly, why today? So I go home and my dad still isn't there. I tell the kids to grab their suitcases and let's go to grandma's house being Dean was out of town on business and I was leaving town and wouldn't be home until 9:00 pm and would be leaving for M again at 6:30 am the next day. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get to M tonight and tomorrow and my hubby isn't due back until late Wednesday. Then I remember that although he left town his vehicle is still here as he rode with someone else. So now my only dilemma was whether I could make it the 2.5 miles to his workplace. So I dropped the kids off and made it. Although now I was not happy that I would now be driving the mini van (yeah, I know, we're sorta backwards, employed hubby drives 10 year old mini van while unemployed wife drives new SUV.) And I made it to M and back.

I arrived early to my PBL Banquet, believe it or not. In time for happy hour, 2-fers!! Trust me, I needed it after my day. The banquet was really small but really fun! Boy is Dan, my PBL advisor, going to miss me next year! Whether he believes it or not! :)

While in M I called my sister and made arrangements to meet her back in town when I got back so I could give her my car keys to give to her fiance who is the Service Manager at the dealership in town. My drive home was LLOONNGG!! I swear I was seeing double because I was so tired. I called my dad to find out what happened to him and he showed up at my house at 4:20 after I had left and had forgotten I was leaving town. He wanted me to talk to him awhile being I was so tired but I really needed to concentrate on the road. I almost hit a pheasant and bunny (AGAIN) while on the phone and just knew those deer were waiting out there for me. I wonder if those are the same pheasant and bunny I've almost hit several other times???

Well, for some reason, when I got home, I couldn't go to sleep. Probably because I had no husband and no kids! I was in bed by 10:20 and still awake at midnight. I made a decision that I was not getting up at 5:30 to go to 8:00 class so I reset my alarm and got up for my 9:00 class.

By the way, I missed a quiz in my 8:00 class. Go figure! So I made it to class yesterday at 9:00, had a meeting, had lunch with my friend Maria, had class again, spent a couple hours at Maria's house chatting (again) and enjoying her little 6-month boy Jordan, and then went to another banquet/dinner. This one at the President's house of the college. He invites three faculty members and those faculty are to bring one student. My PBL Advisor choose me to attend. It was a good time. So I got back home last night, talked to my dad almost the whole way home as he was giving me a play-by-play on American Idol. Boy, was I happy to see my kids and hubby!

By the way, my sister's fiance called me to tell me what was wrong with my SUV. Really, nothing, but something.

John: Do you use E-85?
Me: Yes, but we can as it's a flex-fuel vehicle, the manual says!
John: Yes you can but do you switch back and forth between the two?
Me: Yes.
John: Well, with yours, if you are going to change between regular and E-85 fuel you have to wait until it's below 1/4 of a tank. There's a sensor in your tank. If you fill up above 1/4 tank, it assumes you are putting the same fuel in. If you don't, you confuse your vehicle. If you fill up when it's below 1/4 tank, it will actually sense what type of fuel.
Me: Oh, well it would have been nice if I knew that sooner!

So for convenience, I'll probably start using regular all the time as I don't want to keep track what I put in there last and I don't like to wait until it gets below 1/4 tank to fill up, especially with commuting.

I'm working on a group presentation that we are rehearsing tomorrow afternoon so I better get back to that. Then I have another banquet in M tonight, Delta Mu Delta. But before I go to the banquet I'm going to stop at my friend Julie's (which by the way, she's going to be serving a variety of wines, cheeses, and desserts on a silver platter with the red carpet rolled out for me when I arrive) and chat with her and see her little girl, Alonna. I'm so excited!!

Gosh, driving to M five days this week is going to do me in. Actually it was supposed to be six. I had a Kappa Sigma Iota Banquet last Sunday but I decided I was skipping that one. I'm glad I did, too many banquets and too much driving. By the way, I have another banquet next Monday. I think if I ever hear the word banquet again will be way too soon!

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Tracy said...

That made me TIRED just reading about that! HOLY CATS!! You are one BUSY, BUSY, girl!

GOOD LUCK on the job interview!!!

Julie said...

Ya, I agree with Tracy! YAWN....

Sorry, I didn't have the red carpet pulled out like I mentioned!! And, the wine and cheese....:0)

Just Mom said...

"Boy is Dan, my PBL advisor, going to miss me next year! Whether he believes it or not! :)"

He already talks about missing you and the leadership you provide to the organization.

BTW...You added that because you knew I would read this and tell him, didn't you. ;-)

Andrea said...

Aisha ~ Yes, I did. But, I also personally told him at the banquet! But he down-played it and acted like he wouldn't!! :(

Kate said...

Wow, you are one busy girl. You won't know what to do with yourself when you don't have to commute anymore! good luck on your interview