Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Graduation - YIPPEE!


I bought my graduation cap, gown, and accessories today. YIPPEE!!

Can you tell I'm excited?!?!

I'm throwing myself one heck of a party!!

(My husband says people my age don't throw parties when they graduate. Can you believe that?!?! Someone (older than me) told me today that I should get to throw a bigger party than traditional students because it's harder to go to school as a non-traditional student with all the other responsibilites we have!!!)


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Heidi Jo said...

what does he know? he's just worried about the money you'll spend...typcial husband:-)

Kerrie said...

Congratulations! What is your degree in?

Andrea said...

Heidi - you're right!

Kerrie - Triple major -
BS in Professional Accountancy
BBA in Accounting
BBA in Finance

I haven't worked while I've attended school so I've gotten used to my summers off so I might take this last summer off and then be a grown up and get a job this fall! :)

Amber Kay said...

I think that you should get a HUGE party since you have 3 majors!

Kate said...

Congrats!! you deserve a huge party...and DEFINITELY take the summer off!
Your kids are adorable by the way.

Andrea said...

Heidi - I told my husband your response. His response? Typical woman....they don't care how much they spend!

Tracy said...

Congrats on almost graduation day! I went to college after high school and it was hard enough let alone trying to complete THREE majors while working and having a family!


Just Mom said...

So when and where is the party?

Andrea said...

My house in Watertown on Saturday after graduation. I can't wait! :)