Monday, April 30, 2007

Our GORGEOUS Weekend

Friday evening I was supposed to meet a friend for supper/drinks but at the last minute her husband decided to come to town with her and of course, he didn't want to sit with us two so we'll meet up again next time she's in town. I was so tired anyways so don't know if I would have been good company!

Saturday Hayley had her state dance competition in H. The competition was supposed to be held in February but due to that nasty snow storm it was postponed. The girls had fun and placed 3rd......out of three teams, but, oh well. It's not all about winning. They did better at their last competition, placing 2nd out of five or six teams. You can't win them all. It was a long day. We left about 9:30 and got back about 5:00.

The kids thought it was a great evening to go play mini golf so after supper that's where we headed. The scores were as follows: Dean - 50, Me - 58, Hayley - 68, and Tanner - 76. Hayley actually got a hole-in-one!! Even her dad the "real" golfer didn't get one of those! And boy, did I let him know!!

Dean had a golf date at the "real" golf course with his dad early Sunday morning - out the door at 7:20. Thankfully he didn't disturb me! The kids and I wanted to go golfing, too, so right after lunch Dean called for a tee time. The earliest time they had was 6:46 pm!!! Wow! It was definitely a busy day at the golf course. After lunch we did some shopping, the kids needed shorts, and I got 8 loads of laundry done. Then we went golfing. I ate no less than 1000 gnats and wore at least twice that many!! Crazy! Every time we looked up at the sky all you could see were swarms of gnats! And of course our golf cart doesn't have a windshield and I like to drive FAST so everytime I took off I told the kids to close their mouths! Once I ALMOST managed to send Hayley flying out of the cart through the open windshield. Something flew in my ear and was buzzing around. I slammed on the brakes while swerving erractically!! Good thing she was able to grab something to hold onto or I'm pretty sure she would have been history! Poor girl!! I really think Dean does not enjoy golfing with his family (meaning his wife and two kids). We are NOT good golfers!! And we really don't care - we're out to have fun! Well, of course, I wish I did better who doesn't?!?!

I did take golf lessons awhile back and I really don't know if I learned anything. Dean has tried to give me tips over the years and obviously they have not helped. Dean has told me I have a bad swing (plus I dance around - seriously, I cannot keep my feet still), but I didn't really believe him because he's a "real" golfer. So last summer we took my dad out golfing for Father's Day and when I teed off on the first hole my dad said, boy, you have an ugly golf swing! Gee - thanks dad! So the consensus is, I seriously need golf lessons! AGAIN! Last night, my first time out for the season, I scored a 68, which I don't think is too bad. I think par was 36 but still - a 68 isn't THAT bad! Trust me, there's been times when I've scored in the 80s!!

By the way ~ I am done with classes one week from today and graduate the 12th!!!

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Amanda said...

I'm determined to learn how to golf this summer! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend.

I'm soooooo jealous of your graduation. I read in Yahoo news that a woman in her 90's just graduation with a BA in something and I thought...yep, that's going to be me! CONGRADULATIONS!

Tracy said...

Golfing is NOT FOR ME. Miniature golf yes...but I have NO PATIENCE for golfing. Props to those of you that do enjoy it. Gnats and all...

Just Mom said...

So am I correct in assuming that after you graduate you'll be dancing on the greens?

Heidi Jo said...

love golf. unfortunately my clubs took their place in the garage shortly after the birth of our third baby...this summer though, they're having a coming out party.

i saw your beautiful mug in the Madison Daily Leader....

not under recent arrests either.

Andrea said...

Heidi ~ Ha ha! You did? What for?

Heidi Jo said...

some business school thing. you looked great!