Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So here's what it looked like this morning! YUCK!! It's been snowing and blowing all morning.

I thought April Fools Day was bad. This is worse!!

I had taken the winter coats down to the laundry room last week but hadn't had time to wash them yet, thank goodness. I made the kids put on the winter coats and boots this morning, which they were not thrilled about. Oh, well! Winter has been extended. I don't believe I received that memo. If anyone else did, please forward it on so I know when I can expect Spring! Or maybe we're just skipping it this year???

Me: Put on your winter coats, boots, hats, and mittens.

Tanner: Why?

Me: Because it snowed last night and it's only supposed to get to a high of 38.

Tanner: How can it snow and be Spring at the same time?

Me: Because we live in here, that's why!!

Also, only here can you have a winter storm at the same time that the sump pump is still pumping out water from all the Spring rain we've had!!! CRAZY! Btw - all of Sunday's snow had disappeared by Sunday afternoon, so this is all NEW snow!

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Heidi Jo said...

i love your response: "because we live in SD, that's why!"

Tracy said...

It is snowing here but just blowing around. Nothing is really sticking (YET). It is only 27 degrees right now! BRRRR!!

I don't even think I know where I put the kid's winter coats. Uh-oh

Andrea said...

When I picked the kids up from school it was 16 degrees!! It was warmer this morning when I took them to school, 21 degrees!! And it was snowing REAL GOOD when I left to pick them up but stopped abruptly while I was waiting for them! Crazy weather!

Amanda said...

HA! Because we live in SD! Good one. I packed Alex's winter coat away a few weeks ago but dug it out for this splash of cold weather. He refused to put it on this morning (and I really didn't blame him) so I said go ahead...walk ouside. He didn't make it more than two steps before he was back inside asking for his coat! City boy ~ ;)