Thursday, March 01, 2007


I hate snow! I hate the cold! I love snow days!!! I'm not made for this type of weather! I should have been born in the tropics!! Did I tell you I hate snow???

We got 10 inches over the weekend and who knows how much yesterday!! Good gravy - give me a break!! We don't have to make up for all the snow we haven't had this season in one week!!

I was in M yesterday when it started snowing and snowing and snowing. And blowing and blowing and blowing. I left about 10 am and made it home about 11:30. It took 20 to 30 minutes longer than normal to get home. It has NOT fun! At 11:05, I was 20 miles from H2O when I heard on the radio that they were dismissing the kids at 11:00. Yikes!! So I quickly called Dean at work to make sure he knew and could go get the kids. Well, the receptionist said Hayley was holding on another line waiting to talk to Dean. Nobody could find him and he wasn't answering his pages. Finally after 5 minutes they found Dean and he said he couldn't go get the kids because an auditor was visiting. So I drove a little faster and made it to the school at 11:30. I thought I'd get chewed out for being so late but the kids came running out and said lots of other students were calling parents and there were still students there waiting. So I didn't feel quite so bad but there was nothing I could do.

Last night before bed, we found out the kids didn't have school today so they were pretty excited. I just received an email from my college stating they were closing campus today at 11:00 and all through tomorrow. I'm sure it has something to do with Spring Break being next week, too. I probably wasn't going to go to class tomorrow anyways. Not worth driving in this for only one hour of class! No way! So Spring Break is starting early for me! YIPPEE! Last year a friend and I went to Vegas. This year I'm not doing anything! :( Probably a good thing with this weather. Who knows if I'd even get out!

When Dean was home for lunch he said he was going to take my Explorer back to work because it has 4 wheel drive. So I gave him a lecture of making sure he drove it nice and don't get in any accidents, etc. He told me he wasn't going to take it. I said go ahead I'm not going anywhere. But he decided not to. When he finally got home after work, about an hour late, he said people were getting stuck in the driveway at work. I said I probably wouldn't hear the end of it if he would have gotten stuck because I wouldn't let him take my truck, which I would have. He said, I did get stuck. I said, really. He said, yep. Someone had to pull him out. And supposedly a vehicle with 4 wheel drive got stuck, too, and had to be pulled out. So this morning he took my Explorer!
We had our first overnight visitor in our new house. Dean's 16 yr old nephew stayed with us and will probably be staying tonight, too. He lives out of town and his mom didn't want him driving in these conditions. And how convenient. His girlfriend lives across the street! So I probably won't see much of him today.

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Julie said...

At least your not snowed in like me! I'll be going crazy by Saturday! Might have to go shopping or something!