Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Wow! I can't believe we've been married 11 years!!! It feels like much longer - just kidding, honey! :) Where has the time gone??? Well, we really don't have any plans to celebrate. Last year we went to Vegas for our anniversary and this year we're having a garage sale. I think there's something wrong with this picture! Tomorrow grandma and grandpa are going to watch the kids while we go out for supper.

By the way, I called my husband at work to wish him a Happy Anniversary. His response? Oh, yeah - Happy Anniversary! My response? Gee, thanks honey! Nothing like knowing how to make me feel special!!

Well, I better get back to organizing my garage sale items!

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Heidi Jo said...

who doesn't love a man who will wear pink?

happy anniversary!

Andrea said...

He wore that pink polo for my graduation party so he'd match - I had a pink & purple party because I hate DSU's colors - blue and gold. How sweet, huh?! I thought so!

Amber Kay said...

Show us some wedding picts!

Kerrie said...


Lori B said...

Congratulations on your 11 year Anniversary. It will be Al's and my 11 year anniversary this summer too.
We are going to Vegas this summer. One year later than our 10th Anniversary. We had to reschedule our plans from last summer to this summer.

What all do you suggest doing and seeing?
Do you have an email address?
Or you could email me and let me know what all you enjoyed doing and seeing...what you would recommend.
We are going June 11-15th.
We are excited! It will be our first trip alone together without kids since Derek was born.

Just Mom said...

A Belated Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

Oh! Good luck with the garage sale. :-)

Andrea said...

Amber ~ I wish I could post pictures but I can't for two reasons. (1) I don't have a scanner and (2) we really don't have wedding photos, at least not good ones. They didn't turn out. We all ended up with HUGE shadows in the background and white faces - so really it could be anyone's wedding. If I ever get a scanner, which I'm hoping to get soon, I'll scan them to prove to you just how awful our wedding photos are! :(

Lori ~ I went to Vegas last year twice, in March with a friend over spring break and in May with my hubby for our anniversary. We saw LOTS of shows. We aren't BIG gamblers. If you give me your email address I can email you more information.

Thanks everyone!

Lori B said...
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Julie said...

CONGRATS Andrea and Dean!! Glad you two are going out for supper!! Enjoy yourselves!

Tracy said...

Okay, so I read your posts backwards! Happy Anniversary! 11 years!! WOWZA!!