Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm Done, I'm Done, I'm DONE!

I cannot believe I'm done!! It feels so good to be done but I don't think it has really settled in yet. I'm still unemployed but that's fine by me. I'd rather have the summer off one more time before joining the working world. I don't mind not working but I really miss not having a paycheck! Oh, well. It will come soon enough, I hope! Like in September, maybe. Ssshhh, don't tell my husband.

It was a busy week last week. I spent Tuesday catching up on my four months of magazines that I was not able to read due to all my studying. On Wednesday, I attended a field trip with Hayley's class to the Laura Ingalls Wilder exhibit in DS. It was a gorgeous day for a field trip. I spent Thursday cleaning my house so it'd be in tip-top shape for my party. On Friday I went to SF shopping for my party supplies and summer clothes for the kids. I was planning to have a pink and purple (my two favorite colors) party for graduation because I hate royal blue and gold. When I got to the party store they were pretty much sold out of pink! Are you kidding me? Who else is using pink for their graduation party?!?! And they didn't have everything in purple. They had plenty of blue and gold, should I use that? But then I knew I'd just hate it. So I finally decided to go with a bright summer party - pink, purple, lime green, and aqua. I think it still looked nice. Then I had to stop in M on my way home for graduation rehearsal, which was a total joke! Afterwards I met up with a GREAT friend, Ellie, who I haven't seen all semester! She commuted on T & TH while I commuted on M, W, and F. We grabbed a bite to eat, had a drink (well, I had a drink and she had two), and gabbed nonstop. Then we had to take off because we both had about an hour drive home and we had things to finish up for our graduation parties, like cleaning houses and making food!

Saturday was the BIG graduation day. I didn't trip and fall when I walked across the stage so that was good. Before each of my friends went up to the stage, I whispered to them, don't trip and fall. They gave me such a horrific look, like why are you saying that?! As if I was cursing them. It was so funny! But don't actors tell each other to break a leg and that's supposed to bring them good luck?! Well, that's all I was trying to do! Really! After the ceremony, I stopped for cake & punch and to mingle with some of my professors. That was fun!

I had a good party. About 20 friends and family members came to celebrate with me. I think everyone, except my dad, was gone by 6:30. I was pooped by the end of the day. I served: hamburgers; hot dogs; brats; chips - dill pickle, cheddar and sour cream, and plain; pickles - dill and bread-n-butter; olives - green and black; cheese cubes - mild cheddar, colby jack, and munster; mixed fruit - red grapes, pineapple, honey dew, cantaloupe, strawberries, and kiwi; pea and cheese pasta salad; chocolate cake; mini chocolate chip cheesecakes; homemade mints - creme de menthe, almond, pepppermint, and cinnamon; beer; sparkling strawberry lemonade; and strawberry margaritas.

My Best Friend Maria & I

Ellie & I

Penny, Me, Jenn, & Ellie

My sisters - Kelly, Jodi, Shar & Me

My Best Friend Kari & I

My Dad & I

Dean, Tanner, Hayley & Me

My Party Decorations/Supplies

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Heidi Jo said...

congratulations andrea!

Kerrie said...


Just Mom said...

"Then I had to stop in Madison on my way home for graduation rehearsal, which was a total joke!"


Congratulations, again, Andrea.

Amanda said...

WAHOO! You is educated now ;)


Tracy said...

Congratulations Andrea! It looks like you had a GREAT day!! What happened to that one interview you had that you almost didn't have time for?? Anything???!

Andrea said...

Tracy - Still waiting to hear back from them. I called earlier this week and they were still in the process. I have a feeling I won't get it - but that's fine with me as it was just an office job - but the part I liked about it was that they were considering letting the person work from home. Now that makes it WAY more appealing, even if it's not the money or the job I want right now.

Lori B said...

Congratulations on your graduation!!!
It looks like you had a fun party.
The food sounded yummy!
It was fun to see the pictures.
Good luck finding a job.