Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Cold For Me!

Boy, this weather is just too cold for me! Mother's Day was GREAT - temperature-wise. Where did it go?? Yesterday I went with Hayley's class on another field trip. This time to the Water Festival in B. It was only in the high 40s or low 50s when we stepped off the bus. Thankfully all our morning events were inside but we had to walk from building to building and the buildings were very far apart. It was SO cold and windy!! Some kids had on just shorts and a tank top or t-shirt!! What are their parents thinking??? Are their parents thinking?? Do parents not check the weather?? (I check it every morning.) Especially on field trip days?? Especially when teachers send home notes specifically stating that the kids should dress for the weather, preferably in layers?? I had on capris, a tank top, and a sweatshirt and I was FREEZING!! I felt so sorry for those kids. There was nothing I could do. Our outside events were in the afternoon and thankfully it had warmed up some but it was still pretty chilly, especially when the sun disappeared.

Today I started going through all the boxes and totes in my garage. Then I went through the kids' closets and dressers removing all the clothes that do not fit. Why you might ask? Because I'm having a rummage sale this weekend. Hopefully I'll sell it all. Wishful thinking can't hurt! Actually I usually do pretty good, $200 to $400. It's supposed to be a nice weekend for it so I'm glad I picked this weekend! Wish me luck!

I was on my feet most of the day, lifting and bending so I'm sore. I'm heading to bed so my hubby can give me a back rub!

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Just Mom said...

"I usually do pretty good, $200 to $400."

Are you price gouging? ;-)

BTW, When I told Dan how much you bring in, he said "Good. She's learned her economics well."

Tracy said...

Good luck with your rummage sale. We had one last weekend and I did pretty good!!

And I agree...where has the nice weather gone. I thought it was suppose to be 80 degrees today and so far we have 70. UGH!