Thursday, May 31, 2007

Helga's Identity Revealed!

Yesterday's post seemed to cause A LOT of CONFUSION!! I thought for sure my BFF Julie would have figured it out. But she did NOT! Instead she CHEATED - she emailed me yesterday asking who Helga was and of course, I told her. Now she just spilled the beans to all of you! Way to go JULIE! JK!!! I was planning to reveal Helga's identity sometime.......

So yes, Helga is my nickname for my hubby. He is (usually) a GREAT help around the house and he even wanted to prove it to you!

As you can see, Helga has been slacking. There's dirty dishes all over the counters!

But don't worry, I took care of those this morning after he left for his other job, his paying job (with housekeeping being his other job, his nonpaying job).

Thanks Helga for all you do!

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Tracy said...

AWWW! I got it now!!

Thanks for the clarification!!

Just Mom said...

My "Helga" is teaching this summer, so I still don't see him much. When he is around, though, I have him be the nanny while I get some actual cleaning done.

Julie said...

Are you sure you didn't just have Dean pose for a picture with a broom in hand so he looked like he was helping?? It looks kind of funny him cleaning in his work clothes!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone not know who I am. It should be perfectly clear since I have been here for 11 yrs. Of course I have to perform my duties in my work clothes since I pull double duty. In my defense, I earned the break and will be back to full time soon.


Heidi Jo said...

does helga have a sister...or whatever? does helga give tips to other husbands? does helga get dish pan hands? does helga get rewarded in non-monetary ways? does helga like his name?

just some questions i have:-)

Anonymous said...

I actually have a twin but wouldn't recommend her (or him). The only tip I can offer is to try and comply with request otherwise the work will pile up. No dishpan hands here - use Dawn.

The method of payment is always negotiable.

Helga (a.k.a. - Honey)