Monday, May 28, 2007

Last Week

Last Monday Tanner's class had a Coffeehouse Poetry Reading. For the past few weeks, the kids have been writing different types of poems. Each child had to pick one to read to the audience plus they did some group ones. FYI - The PARENTS got into "trouble" because we clapped after the first child. Well, in a coffeehouse you're supposed to snap your fingers not clap your hands. It gets too noisy! Well, who knew?! It would have been nice if the teacher or OUR CHILDREN shared this bit of information with the us! :) Anyways.......

Wednesday evening Hayley had dance rehearsal for their Friday recital. Well, during the recital ALL dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders must stay backstage for the entire recital. So if they want to see the other performances, they must watch the rehearsals - which meant Hayley wanted to stay for the ENTIRE rehearsal. And being the good mom that I am, we did! She rehearsed from 5:15 to 6:00 and then we stayed until 9:00 so she could see all the other performances even though I'm going to see them all Friday night!

The last day of school was Friday and they got out at 12:30. The kids are REALLY excited to be DONE! We have one week of free time before our summer activities start. Then our summer gets CRAZY for awhile. Although I'm sure Hayley's softball team will be meeting this week as their first and second games are next week. At least I hope they practice or it could be a really AMUSING game!

Hayley's dance recital went really well. However, when Hayley's group was performing their routine, the people running the music STOPPED it in the middle of the routine. It's somewhat understandable as there's a break in the music, the girls stop dancing, and the audience always starts clapping but it's NOT DONE! They are only halfway done! That is why they do rehearsals, so the sound people know the music, well, of course, so the girls can practice, too. The guys didn't screw it up then so why that night?! Because they weren't paying attention! So the music stopped completely and the girls just stood there, like now what! After about 10 painstakingly LONG seconds they finally restarted the music and the girls were able to move on. I felt so sorry for them but they recovered very well, considering! GOOD JOB, GIRLS!

(ABOVE - Hayley is the on the far left, middle row, standing)
(BELOW - Hayley is second from the left, standing above a girl, facing the audience)

(All the dance groups performed a group finale in summer apparel with summer props.)

(Hayley is third from the left, in purple.)

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Just Mom said...

Both sound like fun events to attend. I would have clapped too, for both the poetry reading and when the music unexpectedly stopped while your daughter was dancing. :-D

Tracy said...

HOW FUN!! Sounds like the kids are keeping really busy. Is dance over for Hayley now??

Amanda said...

Love it - both events sound like a blast!

Andrea said...

Tracy ~ Yes, they don't have a summer dance program, much to Hayley's dismay, so she'll start up again this fall. She's going to add cheer or pom dance class, in addition to her dance class.