Thursday, May 24, 2007

Job Offer......But I'm Not Taking It

So I received a job offer this morning. But don't get too excited because I'm NOT going to take it, or at least I'm 95% sure I'm not going to take it. It was from the company that I interviewed with about a month ago that was considering allowing the employee to work from home, which I was VERY excited about even if it wasn't my dream job. However, they are not offering me that position. Go figure! They are offering me a part-time summer temp position working in the sales office as an assistant. And they are willing to pay me almost $2/hr LESS than I was making when I quit my job to go back to school. How tempting! But I think I'll pass. However, I have until Tuesday to make my decision. I don't think I'll loose any sleep over this one! Also, they really want it to be full-time but are willing to let it be part-time (minimum of 30 hours/week) as I had expressed my interest of possibly working part-time for awhile. HELLO - I'll take the full-time job if it means working from home!! Oh, and they are willing to let me decide how many days, which days, and hours I want to work but I think I'll still pass. And they didn't even know if it would last through August so maybe it'd only be a month or two.

My dream job is out there somewhere.............OH, where are you job? Come and find me!

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Just Mom said...

After graduating with my English degree (stop laughing), I spent the summer working in retail back home in Hawaii. That fall, I moved to Eugene, OR, where hubby was working toward his PhD. I again worked retail, all the while looking for the write writing job. That job fell in my lap in December. I never regretted waiting to find the right job.

Tracy said...

I am sure the right job will come along. It's great to hear you are so laid back at this point. Have a great summer!!!

Amber Kay said...

While you're at it...will you tell my dream job to come and find me too!