Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Compliment Game

So maybe you've been blessed with the Compliment Game lately. Yesterday I was. It involved emails being sent which said to respond to the person that sent you this with a one-word compliment. Then forward it on to all your family and friends and they are all to respond back to you with a one-word compliment. So by the end of the game, you have a list of compliments. I haven't heard back from everyone yet but here's what I've received back so far.

Julie ~ (Help! What was it? I accidentally deleted it!)
Jenn ~ Symmetrical (Very funny story behind this)
Kari ~ Detailed
Dean ~ Irreplaceable (Isn't my husband sweet?)

I replied back to my husband as 'Replaceable - Just kidding' (because I felt like being a real smart ass), but 'Laidback' was my real response. I didn't even get a reaction from him out of the just kidding part. He thought I could come up with something better than laidback but that's how I think of him because I am so uptight about most things. His sister and past co-worker replied that he was Intelligent. I told him I agree but being I think I am more intelligent than him so that wouldn't be a word I would use for him. He thinks he's more intelligent because he almost always wins (I think I've won once or twice) Trivial Pursuit. I say I'm more intelligent because I receive better grades in school and still do!! We've been having this battle for a long time. :) We like to bicker about meaningless things!!

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Heidi Jo said...

I received that email quite a while back and I was shocked at the things people came up with for me. Not at all how I see myself. I guess that's the point though.