Monday, March 05, 2007

TGFDC - Thank Goodness for Digital Cable

Thursday morning I was watching TV when all of a sudden my TV and DVR went off. Then they came on and off a couple times and then finally back on. So I looked to see where my kids and the remote were. Both were safe. So being we were in the middle of a blizzard, I thought maybe it had something to do with that. Well, when I went to change the channel I noticed that my DVR said it was 12:00 and my menu on the TV screen wouldn't tell me what was on each channel. Everything said "To be announced". So again, I blamed it on the storm. Well, later Dean said that the TV in our bedroom with a digital cable box was working so now I knew it wasn't the storm. Something is wrong with our DVR. So finally late Friday afternoon I called the cable company to figure out what was going on. Being we were in a blizzard I didn't know if I'd even get through to someone. Well, after being on hold a LONG time, I finally got through. (Thank goodness my phone has speaker so I could just set it down and go about my life instead of holding onto it or cradling it!) We tried a few things and determined there was definitely something wrong with the DVR.

So someone came out this morning to give us a new DVR. He's not sure what's wrong with it but I don't care, I have one that works now. It was a VERY LONG weekend with no TV guide menu to see what was on each channel. I hate waiting through commericals to find out what is on the channel. HOW DID I EVER SURVIVE WITHOUT DIGITAL CABLE??? I know I sure can't live without it!!! Call me spoiled if you want. I don't care! Right now I'm so happy!!! I really don't care what's on TV I'm just enjoying turning the channels and knowing what's on each one!!! Boy, life is GREAT!!!

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Heidi Jo said...

Try a weekend with no TV at all. That's was mine...oh yeah and the next several weeks of Lent.