Friday, March 02, 2007

My Husband the Good Samaritan

So my husband had just gotten home from work. He was on the couch reading the newspaper when we looked outside to see a lady walking in the middle of the street. We see her get into a van in the middle of the street, turn around in someone's driveway and then get stuck right in front of our house. So Dean got dressed, grabbed a shovel, and went to dig her out. (Keep in mind, Dean doesn't have snowboats so he was almost knee deep in snow with his dress/work shoes on.) Well, she got out of the van before Dean got there and ran down the road into someone's house. Then another lady came out and got in the van. Dean finished digging her out and then helped push the van to get out. She finally got out and took off.

They haven't plowed our street since this storm started on Wednesday. It's really bad. Hopefully they'll get here tomorrow. We had already received 10 inches over the weekend and had a total of 21 inches by yesterday morning. Not sure how much we've had since then but it's been snowing pretty much all day today and yesterday. You can see our mailbox is almost covered. When the plows finally come through, I'm sure it will be buried!! And remember, it's only being held up by a Christmas tree stand, and the snow, of course.

Dean has been using his dad's wimpy snowblower being they are in AZ. Otherwise, he'd be doing our driveway with a shovel! Dean is also in charge of his parent's driveway, his parent's friend's driveway which is right next door to his parents because they are also in AZ with Dean's parents, and the neighbor across the street from his parents because his parents are in charge of it because that neighbor is off somewhere warm. I think we'll definitely be buying a snow blower for next year. So everyone runs off leaving Dean to take of it all. They owe Dean BIG time!

But ... What goes around comes around. While Dean was out snowblowing our driveway, a neighbor came with his snowblower and helped Dean finish our driveway. How nice! Dean was a good samaritan and then our neighbor was a good samaritan.

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Julie said...

Tell Dean-O I'm so proud of him! I think you better buy him a pair of boots for his birthday!

Andrea said...

His birthday isn't until October. I think he'll need some before then. I told him not to throw away his old ones until he bought new ones but he didn't listen. Now he's been without boots for probably 4 years!