Tuesday, March 27, 2007


1. Brings a smile to your face because you know summer is right around the corner.

2. Brings joy to your heart when you hear all the kids playing outside and laughing.

3. Brings a new promise to start working out (going for walks) because it's nice out.

4. Brings tears to your eyes because you will now have to deal with MUD. (Especially when you move into a brand new house and there is no grass. There is only mud. I have to keep telling my children to stay out of the yard. Go play in the street.)

5. Beckons the creepy crawly things to come out of their hiding places. (Just had a BIG spider crawl across the carpet in front of me! Yuck! I hate spiders and bugs! And my boys weren't here to rescue me. I always call for them when I see one. But you'll be happy to know I took care of it myself. After all, I am a big girl!)

6. Flowers will soon be peeking out. (My house in Madison had at least 60 tulips pop up every spring. I'm going to miss that! Although, I never got to enjoy them very long because the bunnies obviously liked them, too. I really like tulips!)

7. Birds start singing. I like to listen to the birds sing. (Unless it's right outside my bedroom window at 6:30 on a Sunday morning when I'm supposed to be sleeping in. And I went to bed an hour later than usual. If I only had a gun..........hey, you didn't really think I'd shoot it, did you? I'm against violence! Next time I'll just try to scare it to death!)

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Just Mom said...

"I have to keep telling my children to stay out of the yard. Go play in the street."


Amanda said...

I love that yard one as well! Mom told us to play in the street! That cracks me up!

Tracy said...

HI Andrea,

I had to tell my son that too when we first built our house. Play in the street. The funny thing is...he still does. But all the neighborhood kids do so it's okay (in our devlopment).

I am assuming you used to live in Madison? Did you move?

Andrea said...

I figured everyone would love that, me telling my kids to play in the street. Don't tell CPS!!

Tracy - Yes, I lived in Madison for almost 4 years. We just moved back to Watertown in January. (We lived in the Williamson Development next to the new school.) My kids also played in the street there but it was a dead end street so it wasn't very busy and there were always kids running around from house to house.

Tracy said...

Um...I live in the SAME development!! FUNNY! I am not sure where you lived exactly. Must have been on the "other side" closest to the school. We built our house in 2003.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! Yes, we lived on West Ave - the only white house in the whole development! (I was looking forward to kicking the kids out the back door to go to school but never got the chance being we moved away the month it opened up to my kids.) We moved there in Feb '03! Small world! I wish we would have met!

Tracy said...

VERY SMALL WORLD. Yes, we were on the other side...10th Street is our address.

Hope you are enjoying Watertown!!