Monday, March 12, 2007

My Mr Right

My Mr. Right: Dean
His age? 37
How tall is he? 6'2
How long did you know each other before you got together? 2 months
What physical features attracted you to him first? Bright blue eyes and his height (although I must be immune to his eyes because they no longer seem bright blue to me)
What color are his eyes? Blue
His hair color? Blond
Hair style? Traditional, combed to the right
Normal outfit? Khakis and polo (Monday through Friday), jeans and t-shirts otherwise
How did you meet him? Worked at the same place (my summer job, his internship)
How serious is it? Been married for almost 11 years!
Are you "in love"? Better be or why have I stuck around so long!
Do your parents like him? They do now! (Not at first, he's 6 years older)
Do his parents like you? They do now! (Not at first, I'm 6 years younger)
Do you trust him? Yes
Would you share a toothbrush with him? Is it really necessary? I'd rather not.
Would he let you wear his pants? Yes but I'd be tripping in them as I'm 5'6 and he's 6'2 (and they'd probably fall down).
Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? No
Do you like the way he smells? As long as he's not sweaty, yes. Love his cologne.
Can you picture having kids with him? Been there, done that! Twice!
What bothers you the most about him? His memory sucks! I have to repeat myself over and over!
Does he have a temper? On a very rare occasion.
Are you happy to be with him? Yep or I wouldn't still be here!
Does he embarrass you in public? No, but I think I embarass him!
Does he smoke or do drugs? No, thank goodness!
Does he have any piercings? No, thank goodness!
Any tattoos? Nope
Does he have any scars that you know of? Yes, 4 that I can remember (chin-flying over the handlebars of his bikes, back-two moles removed, temple-cancerous spot removed)
Is he a party dude or stay at home? Stay at home, I'm the party one!
Is he outgoing or shy? Shy, very shy. I asked him out.
Does he love his mama? Oh, yes. He is a mama's boy!
Would he hang out with you and your friends? Yes, but doesn't often.
Sing? He's done karoake. But please don't encourage him!

So tell me about YOUR MR. Right!

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Lori B said...

Andrea, Hi!
I haven't been able to get onto your blog. I've clicked on your picture, but I couldn't find your site until today, when I read Julie's blog.
I hope that it is ok to read your blog and comment.
Please feel free to read mine and comment anytime.

Thanks for sharing about your mr right. That was kinda fun to do.
Check mine out I did one too.